How to Have a Breakthrough

As my grandmother, Mimi, always used to tell me, “Sarie Bear, you never let any grass grow beneath your feet, do you?!”

As the years go by, I realize more and more just how right she was! Yes (sigh), today I’m taking yet another big step on my Way. It’s the first day of my spring solo writing retreat.

I’m stowed away at a retreat center in southern Colorado. No cell reception. No Internet service. No talking. The only schedule and guidance are those that I create and maintain for myself.

Before a retreat like this, so much always come “up” for me. All the emotions and life situations that I’m ready to heal either become more inflamed, or erupt entirely.

In the days and weeks leading up to any big commitment, things can feel like they are breaking down. But it’s in this very “undone-ness” that the fertility of a new beginning lives.
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I’m engaged!

I know a lot of you have already heard from my Facebook announcement, but I wanted to be sure to share this big news with all of you.

A couple of weeks ago, under the full moon on the steps of the St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Keith and I got engaged.

After three years of radical (individual and relational) evolution and growing intimacy, we are excited to see where this journey continues to take us.

As we are in a women’s community, dedicated to living our Radical Truth and Empowerment, a request and a warning: do not idealize or romanticize me or my relationship with Keith.
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A ‘SHE Talk’ for the First Day of Spring (audio inspiration for you)

This past weekend Keith and I road-tripped down to New Mexico for a mini “spring break.” As a dual-author household (both currently writing books), we needed a change of scenery to play, rest, and explore together.

We soaked in hot springs, slept in a Madonna-adorned B & B room, sipped margaritas (my favorite), ate as much of whatever we wanted (more chips & salsa, please!), and let go of our day-to-day routines. Intervals of work, rest, and play are so crucial for us all.

I have more to share about our trip, but I’ll save that for the coming weeks….
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A Peak Inside My Book Writing Process

Last Thursday in our weekly meeting, I bitched to my business manager, Christiane, about what a hard time I was having writing my book.

“This week I’ve started waking up two hours earlier to write. Which has been great. But then when I follow that with my usual work/spiritual/ self-care routine, I’m completely wiped out by 5 o’clock. It’s not sustainable. Something’s gotta give!”

“Not to add something more to your plate,” she laughed, “but I think our community would be really interested to hear more about your process regularly. I know that I am!”
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The Joy & Power Connection

One of my spiritual teachers, ShantiMayi, offered me yet another teaching on power several years ago. Pithy and potent, it’s an adage from the Navajo tribe:

“When you lose your joy, you lose your power.”

We need to be careful that we don’t get too serious in our pursuit of wisdom. We need to remember to laugh, have fun, and hold everything—especially ourselves—lightly. In a deck of cards, it’s the “Joker” that’s the wild card, able to be anything it wants to be. In ancient times, it was only the jester who could make fun of the king and queen without losing his head.
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More Insecure = More Powerful?

During a phone call with my business mentor, Andrea J. Lee at the end of last year, Andrea asked me a very probing question:

“What do you want to do with your power?”

Huh, I thought to myself. No one had ever asked me that before, and it had never occurred to me to ask myself this. Up until that point, it was probably true that the question itself would have been a little bit absurd. “What power?” would have been my answer.

But it’s been a steady three years of rolling up my sleeves, with radical personal and professional growth and expansion. Through that, I had been focusing solely on the process (both of teaching and of embodying), not the result, of empowerment.
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Last chance to join The Red Tent in 2014. Put yourself first this year.

This is it! Today’s the day. Registration for the Red Tent 2014 closes tonight at 5pm PST.RT-Badge For use in Website

The growing circle of wise Red Tent sisters…of all ages, seasons of life, and faiths…and I invite you to step inside and join us….

“The Red Tent is a virtual room of requirement for modern soul-centered women.” Kate

“I’m so excited to be part of this amazing group!” Laura

“For the first time in my life, I truly feel like I belong on the planet.” Deb

“This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in 2014.” Megan

“This is a sacred haven and sisterhood where you can truly come exactly as you are.” Tess

Tomorrow our Red Tent opens, and our 9-month spiritual sojourn officially begins. We will welcome women into our online sanctuary to take refuge together. To birth our depths and Truths over these next nine months. Together.

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The Marriage of Inner and Outer Life

Rooting ourselves in self-love helps us to align all of our actions from our deepest selves, or our SHE’s.

For example, everything that I offer through my Work (including this newsletter!) arises from this inner intimacy.

Last week I had a profoundly deep and delightful conversation with Lissa Boles, the Soul Mapper, about this very topic, for her podcast.  
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I Hate Valentine’s Day & Secrets to Self Love

You either love or hate this day! I’m a little of both. And today I’ll share the reasons why I hate it.

With the passing of Valentine’s Day yesterday, we women can be even more prone to seeking love outside of ourselves this month than usual.

We long to be wooed, romanced, wined, dined, treasured, and adored. And certainly we all deserve to receive these things in droves. Yes, all of us, without exception. But not without giving it to ourselves first—and continuously.

Years ago a Vedic astrologer warned me that one of my Soul’s purposes in this lifetime was to help women break free of idealizations and expectations around love and relationship. And, that in order to do that, I need to also suffer these (bummer!). Read Full Post

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LIVE video Q & A gathering, this Wednesday!

The velvet curtain is just about to close on our Red Tent for the year.

Registration closes, for good, one week from tomorrow: Tuesday, February 18.

(That is also the date that the Red Tent LUXE expires, the SHE Retreat, with the Red Tent as a bonus, a $1200 savings).

It will not reopen again until 2015. Once this thick and rich curtain swings closed, no one else may enter until the alchemy is complete.  

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