Absolute No’s & Absolute Yeses: Wisdom from the Sisterhood

It feels like the first day of school over here! As you read this, I’m sitting in the opening circle with a dozen women that have just flown into Boulder from around the world. These aren’t just any women, they are some of the most dedicated women in our sisterhood.

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time; and, to celebrate, I have a lot of fun surprises in store for them over the next few days!

At the end of this weekend, these women will be initiated as the first leaders of The Way of the Happy Woman. In the next year, you will be able to join them for seasonal mini-retreats around the world– from Italy to Dubai, Vancouver to New York.

These types of supportive, long-term relationships are the heart of this work. The women who choose to go deeper on this path find that their sisters are just as much their teachers as I am. Read Full Post


Through His Eyes: An Interview with My Beloved & His Best Friend

I’m feeling really quiet these days. Taking afternoon naps, doing a fall cleanse, walking in the mountains, and preparing to welcome the first women to be certified to teach this work here in Boulder for our final weekend intensive next Thursday.

So I don’t fall too far off the radar, I want to share with you today the voices of two men– my fiance, Keith Martin-Smith (award winning author, Zen priest, and Kung Fu master) and one of his best friends, Casey Capshaw (Executive Director of the Authentic Man Program).

Keith and Casey have been in the same men’s group here in Boulder for the past several years. Last month in the Red Tent, as part of diving into the self-study of our own inner masculine presence, Keith and Casey joined us for a special interview to talk about “men’s work” vs. “women’s work,” and how they can intermingle and support one another.

The conversation was so potent and eye-opening for the women in the Tent that I felt it would be beneficial to share it with our larger sisterhood.
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The Cycles that Heal




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Modern living has one tempo only– fast.

We’re expected to exert ourselves in the same way, at the same time, five days a week and to take rest only on weekends and holidays.

This rhythm is in fact not a rhythm at all. It’s a monotone– that is, until you crash.
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The crone is back. And She’s not just for our Golden Years.

the crone is back

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It’s she who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what anyone thinks of her.It’s she who says what she means and means what she says.
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What’s Missing from the Mainstream, “Feminine Empowerment” Movement

What’s Missing from the Mainstream,(2)

There’s something sorely (and rather curiously) missing from the mainstream “feminine empowerment” movement. Have you noticed?

It’s something we don’t like to look at.

It’s not pointing to “getting everything we want,” or “feeling more pleasure.” It’s not about “manifesting” or “goddess gatherings”.

It’s something dark. Wrapped in confusion and shame.  Read Full Post

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