Are we having fun yet?! My favorite ways to play & our summer sabbatical starts TODAY!

Are we having fun yet_! My favorite ways4

Unpacking hundreds of boxes, making countless trips to Goodwill, nursing sore backs and aching feet, getting stuck in IKEA for several hours on a back-to-school Saturday, and coming home with the wrong measurements: ah, the joys of moving!
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This is it. Last Call for Thailand SHE Retreat Early Discounts.

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We hear so many voices and perspectives, each day — don’t we? At home, at work, in our Facebook and Twitter feeds and inboxes. If you’re reading this, then my voice is one among the many you’ll hear today.

But my voice isn’t the one I most want you to listen to.

Of course, I hope you like my voice. I hope it’s welcoming and refreshing. I hope it brings you information and inspiration you love. But most importantly: I hope that my voice guides you to your own deepest wisdom. Read Full Post

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5 Reasons NOT to Come on the SHE Retreat

5 reasons

Today, I’d like to have a very unconventional conversation with you: directly with your Inner Resistance.

But first, for those of you who haven’t heard: registration is now officially open for … Read Full Post

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When You Rise Above the Most, You Can Make the Biggest Statement

“When you rise above the most you can make the biggest statement.”


A wise healer spoke these wise words to me this past spring. While I’ve never seen this particular healer, I know that she’s a crone. A witch. A soothe-saying silver-haired siren that knows comfort only comes through discomfort, and that liberation can only come from within.
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Ready to Teach The Way of the Happy Woman?

ready to teach wohw

At the end of last year, I took a huge leap.

During a solo retreat I embarked on last fall, I got a clear signal from my inner SHE to create and offer a teacher certification training for The Way of the Happy Woman in 2013.

My Inner Critic protested: But you have to write a book next year, Sara– that’s going to be too much work. Are you sure you want to do this? To have other women teaching this too? Won’t that just create more competition? That will be too much of an administrative headache. That’s a big legal hairball- you don’t have the chops to navigate that.

And on (and on, and on), it went.
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