What mature, wise women know.

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I know how full your life can be, and just how busy things get. And I know that, underneath the tidal wave of today’s tasks, in the center of each of your cells, you’re longing to feel deeply valued, cherished, ravished, and seen. 

As a new day dawns, I want to remind you of something: 

No one is ever going to love you… exactly as you want to be loved. 

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11 ways to work with your resistance.

11 Reasons Why Not to Practice, and How to Tell If They're Wise (or cop outs)

Some mornings, simply getting out of bed feels cruel. The night before, you set your alarm an hour early, with the very best intentions. I will do 10 Sun Salutations, with the sunrise! I will sip green tea and read Rumi! I will dream journal before the kids are up!

But all those good intentions scatter when the angry BEEP BEEP of your alarm clock sounds. You tuck your hands back under the comforter, and bed feels like the only safe haven from noise and stress you know the day will bring. Read Full Post

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Meet the only voice in your head that can truly change your life.

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Sweet girl, you’re safe.

It’s okay to feel what you feel. I love you for who you are. Exactly as you are.

I will never leave you. I will always be for you. To hold you and cheer you on.

There’s nothing you could ever do that would cause me to close my heart to you.
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In search of desire.

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She laid under the blankets, piled soft and thick for the winter. Pajamas sticking to her skin, a little too hot, she felt the ache. Deep. 

“I should get up,” she thought. The morning light, no longer a hint, forced itself through the ivory drapes.  Read Full Post

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No more approval-hunting. 1 brave yogini shows us how.

Becoming an Empowered Female Practitioner with Sarah Powers

Freedom. That’s what we’re celebrating here in the U.S. on this holiday weekend, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Freedom. It’s a theme worthy of a day of reflection, for isn’t freedom what we all want most? Freedom to spend our time with those we love, doing what we love… to express ourselves genuinely… and from our own contractions, doubts, and criticisms. Read Full Post

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