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Your power’s not in your crystals.

It’s not in essential oils or last night’s new moon ritual.

Your power isn’t in your adaptogens, Instagram likes, horoscope–or even in your orgasms.

All of these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Real power lives in the 95% of the iceberg that remains unseen.

You, my dear, are all that.

The power is in you.

1 million wise women (witches) were burned alive to extinguish their inner power.

Since then, we women have not yet reclaimed en masse the feminine wisdom that was erased from our collective consciousness.

Instead, we were taught to look to men, fancy face creams, and prescribed dreams of picket fences to prove we’re worth something.

Now we lean on astrology, candle-lit rituals, and superfood smoothies.

Sure, our present alternatives are helpful and healthy (I love these things, too), but they’re still crutches if you don’t consult your own, inner guidance.

It’s time to stop giving your power away to people and things outside of you.

It’s time to resource your power–first and foremost.

Sisters, welcome home.

Welcome to A Year of SHE: an unconventional sanctuary for feminine spiritual practice.

Through integrating women’s yoga, meditation, lifestyle, and psychospiritual principles, A Year of SHE will guide you to (finally!) stand in your spiritual power and become the authority on your own life.

With inspiring monthly Dharma talks, group mentoring calls, SHE Yoga & Meditation classes, a supportive online community, guest teachers, and resources galore…..

You’ll receive the fierce and loving support you need to reclaim your clipped wings and soar as the magnificent woman you were born to be.

Plus, for the second year I’m offering…


The world is in great need of female leadership right now. That’s why, again in 2019, I’m offering an “upper tier” to A Year of SHE.  

This 6-month mastermind (January-June 2019), will support you in the art of leading from the truth within you.

This is not a plug and play formula. It’s not about hustle, shiny marketing tactics, or struggle.

It’s about growing your career from your inner wisdom (rather than your ego). When you co-create with the Divine within you, you’ll have a lifelong career that uplifts others and is a sincere expression of your greatest Self.

“This is such a home for me. It brings me to my grounded self. The virtual mastermind is a real support system. Without it, things would be much more difficult!”

Olga Ismagilova


As Seen In

Spiritual Strength Training for the Modern Woman

My approach to feminine spiritual practice is profound and practical. Sophisticated and simple. Always embodied. And sometimes a little edgy.


Along the way, you’ll:


  • Feel safe & grounded in your body. Adopt the belief that life is on your side and it’s safe to be you.
  • Create a beautiful life in alignment with your heart’s deepest desires. Receive encouragement and guidance to listen to, follow, and open  your heart.
  • Trust your intuition. Sadly, as young girls we were taught to mistrust and shut down the intuitive wisdom in our bodies. Re-learn to listen to and be true to yourself above all else. Period.
  • Embrace nourishing self-care rituals. Accept the pleasure that is your birthright. Cleanse your life of “shoulds” and feel worthy to receive your own care.
  • Set clear and strong boundaries. Clarify and express your Yes’s and No’s. Embrace the fierce, undomesticated part of you that knows who she is and what she wants and needs.
  • Cultivate resilience. Life includes pain and pleasure, gain and loss. Learn to resource deeper wells of perseverance within you. Become a warrior in the face of life’s storms as you anchor yourself in your sacred center.
  • Embrace the rhythms of nature, your body, and soul. Our feminine bodies are governed by cycles and rhythms. They connect us to the earth, sun, moon, sea, and stars–but most importantly, to ourselves. Learn to live in harmony with inner cycles and outer seasons.
  • Feel confident & powerful. Your SHE is fiery. Bold. Gutsy. She risks and provokes and advocates—all for love. Experience the aliveness that living from your inner power and truth brings.

“For the first time in my life I feel connected to my femininity, and I have learned how to be empowered from the inside out.

I loved EVERYTHING about this program! I found it very well organized, with loads of resources to continually tap into.

It’s an amazing experience that I truly recommend to any woman who is looking to better understand her womanhood, love herself fully, and to learn to live from her inner wisdom.”

Leticia Curiel Alcolea

Helsinki, Finland

A Year of SHE includes:

• Monthly “Dakini’s Den”: Live class and Q & A with Sara

In Tibetan Buddhism, Dakinis are manifestations of Awakening appearing in feminine form. In these live gatherings, I’ll share an inspiring SHE Talk with you each month on different themes that are both rooted in ancient wisdom and also have relevance to our everyday lives as women. 

You’ll also have a chance to ask questions about whatever’s coming up for you and to interact with the other women in our community.

Examples of topics in these talks are: relationships, overcoming trauma, the dangers of “othering,” sexuality, self-care, challenging emotions, perfectionism, our relationships to our bodies.

Monthly SHE Yoga Class with Sara

Conscious, embodied movement allows us to shed layers of armor, grief, heartache, trauma, and stress. Underneath these layers live your own unique form of native, embodied wisdom.

To support you and your body on this journey, you’re invited to a video yoga class each month.

Each of these guided classes includes (non-rigid, non-mechanical) women’s yin and flow yoga– and sometimes some dance, strength-training, and intuitive movement. Connect with your body, cultivate inner and outer strength, and relax and let go.

You’ll also have access to a resource library of yoga videos from previous years of this course. 

Monthly Meditation with Sara

We’re a community of women rooted in spiritual lineage and practice. With these guided audios you’ll be able to cultivate a daily meditation practice, rooted in Buddhist principles that helps you be more present in your life, stay connected to yourself and others, and support yourself through all the ups and downs of your life.

We’ll also include time for prayer, which means you will learn to cultivate a deeply intimate, trustable relationship with the Divine. This relationship will become your true teacher and the primary relationship in your life. Here is where you can turn whenever you need guidance or answers to questions or problems.

You’ll also have access to a resource library of meditation audios from previous years of this course.

Daily Spiritual Text: A Course in Miracles

The backbone of our program will be daily self-study periods. 5-10 minutes spent on this each morning is enough to align your heart and mind for the entire day.

Using A Course in Miracles as our text, we’ll follow the 365 daily lessons in the workbook. Each day, we’ll read and practice with one of those lessons…for the entire year.

A non-dogmatic, non-religious text of spiritual psychotherapy, A Course in Miracles teaches you how to replace a thought system based on fear with a thought system based on love.

When we do this, we align our minds with divine intelligence (or however you experience God). Only when we do this do we know true peace and happiness.

And: since there’s one truth, spoken in many different ways, if you prefer to use a different text for your self-study, you are more than welcome to! (I also speak more to any possible hesitations in the FAQ here). 

• Making Art

Creativity is deeply healing, and rarely do we set aside time to make art– without an intended purpose or outcome, other than our own enjoyment. During our year-long journey, choose an art project you’ve been wanting to do.

Whether it’s planting a garden, cooking, redecorating your house, knitting, painting, writing poetry, or something else, we’ll support one another in taking time to feed our inner creative spirits together.

• Giving Back to Our Communities

The mountaintop of spiritual practice is not “love yourself,” it’s “love your neighbor.” We’re not just a community that values making our own lives better. We’re a community that values making the world better.

Whether it’s through fundraising, volunteering, or something else, together we’ll support one another in using our insights and inspiration to step out into the world and serve our communities.

Monthly Love Notes

You’ll get monthly emails with guidance on which lessons in A Course in Miracles, the spiritual text that will serve as the backbone for our program, we’ll be studying that month.

This means that, each day, for 365 days, you will engage with one of the lessons from the textbook in the Course. Non-religious and non-dogmatic, these lessons are rooted in spiritual principles that will help to align your thinking with the mind of Divine intelligence– uprooting fear and replacing it with love so that you can experience genuine happiness and inner peace.

While we have fun here, we’re also a community steeped in serious, spiritual practice and intellectual rigor.

Online SHE Circle

You’ll have access to a global community of lik
e-minded women in our private Facebook group at any hour of the day or night.

Here, you can ask questions and receive support from the two teaching assistants in the group. Here, you can share your triumphs and frustrations, what’s inspiring you and what’s blocking you.

Journaling & Worksheets

You’ll get journaling prompts emailed to you on the new and full moon, as well as at the start of each new season. This means that you can stay connected to the natural world, aligning your inner rhythms to those of the cosmos and Mother Nature.

Moving in sync with nature’s cycles of creation, you can access greater power in creating things in your own life– whether that’s a business, a book, a new home, new career, or greater health or financial abundance.

Plus, you’ll have access to worksheets to go deeper into your Inner Critic, Shadow, Inner Divine Masculine, Inner Perfectionist, and more.

“Getting Unstuck” Resource Library

You’ll also get a resource library that includes modules from The SHE School (the former version of this course).

This means that anytime you encounter a psychological or life challenge (needing to connect with your Inner Little Girl, activating your Divine Masculine, or give pleasure a more prominent place in your life), you can turn to any of these “Getting Unstuck” modules.

Topics include: Healing the Mother Wound, Living a SHE-Centered Life, Dancing with the Dark Goddess (Shadow work), Ending the War Within (Inner Critic & Inner Little Girl), Marrying Your Inner Masculine, and more.

Guest Teacher Resource Library

You’ll have access to over two dozen pre-recorded conversations between Sara and wise women on a variety of topics: yoga, spirituality, self-care, creativity & productivity, money, hormones, leadership, motherhood, business, sex & relationships, and more.


The 8 Parts of our Path to Wholeness

A Year of SHE offers an integrated approach to feminine spirituality and leadership: 

“I felt so held in the SHE Leadership Circle that I gave myself permission–for the first time in decades –to listen, to be, and to not do!

My project is unfolding in its own time and I’ve learned to reap the harvest in the moment, love what’s there, and create from the space of possibility. . . . I feel peace, acceptance, and openness. The sessions with Sara are worth it in spades– and you have the benefit of a group of amazing women, with whom you can share a slice of life. You’ll live your life anyway – why not enhance it with a sacred and powerful container for the journey?”

Cynthia McGrath


The SHE Leadership Circle:


Are you challenged by your self-doubt, fear (of not being good enough-still!), and lack of direction or clarity about to “get there” and make it happen?

Maybe this is you: “I get so easily overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin!”

Your biggest obstacle is that you’ve been trying to do it all on your own, without asking for help from mentors and teachers.

Instead, you’ve been choosing to stay in hiding, trying to figure it out inside your own head.  

You also don’t resonate with a lot of the ways you see online marketing happening, but you also want to be smart and effective.


You’re so tired of avoiding your own soul and Her calling, Her voice. You know in your guts that this is what you came here to do.

If you were to die tomorrow feeling that you haven’t fully offered yourself and your gifts, you’d feel so much regret.


You want to play big.

You want to offer the most coherent, potent version of your gifts possible.

You want to serve and impact more people more profoundly.

You want abundant financial return to help support you (and possibly also your family) so you can live with ease, possibility, and adventure.

If you resonate with any of this, the SHE Leadership Circle is for you.

In the SHE Leadership Circle, you will:

  • Reprogram limiting beliefs rooted in your subconscious mind that keep you stuck in loops of fear, scarcity, self-doubt, overwhelm, ineffectiveness, and smallness–no matter how hard you work.

    Everything that’s holding you back lives within you, in your subconscious mind. If you only try to address these things rationally, you’ll never get anywhere. 
    Most of these beliefs were wired into you before the age of 3; so, during our time together, you’ll become aware of what they are so you can uproot them and install updated software, programmed for your success.
  • Learn to create with more ease, less struggle. When you follow the Divine plan for your career, coupled with simple and savvy business principles, you’ll feel less force and ambition– and more grace, assuredness, and effortless accomplishment.
  • Tap into confidence, inner strength, and resiliency by rooting your work in your inner, spiritual connection. This is how you build a sustainable career of integrity and impact that stands the test of time and trends.
  • Bask in a nourishing support, knowing there’s a tight circle of sisters who have your back as you take bold risks. It’s much easier to make big leaps when you’re not stuck in your head, trying to figure it out all by yourself.
  • Be held in a structure that holds you accountable as you face your fears and growing edges. We’ll keep you moving forward when you get stuck, scared, or overwhelmed. Here, the bigger the breakdown, the bigger the breakthrough!
  • Birth a project of your choosing into the world during our time together. Maybe you’ve been wanting to create an online course, integrate your various passions into a coherent whole, write a book proposal, build a website, or host a retreat.We all have the “one thing” that we’ve been putting off because it feels too big and too scary to take on. Usually, that’s the one that that we most want to create and will have the biggest impact on our lives and careers! Stop putting it on the backburner. Let’s get it done in these six months together. With support, accountability, and grace.
  • Source your offerings and impact in the world from your inner guidance, leaving you feeling authentic, inspired, and resourced. At the end of the day (and our lives), what matters most is that we feel we gave our all, followed through on what our hearts whispered to us, and changed this world for the better.
  • Practice showing up as a leader within our circle to try on new expressions of your leadership. What is it like to be more audacious? More honest? Transparent? Playful? Before bringing new qualities to your own community, you’ll have a chance to test drive them first with us, in a safe and supportive environment.

“A lot of leadership principles really came together for me after taking this course.

I had a ‘leadership coach’ a number of years ago, and I remember at the time wondering why what she was teaching me was ‘leadership’ (as it didn’t fit what I originally thought of us chest-pounding hierarchical, positional authority).

It struck me that at the beginning of the SHE Leadership program, I also had a similar feeling of ‘Well, this is great coaching, but not sure why she called it the SHE Leadership program.’

I SO get it now. Thank you for encouraging me to stretch and grow these skills that truly do make me a better leader!”

Lori Mihalich-Levin

Founder of Mindful Return and Partner at Global Law Firm
Washington D.C.

The SHE Leadership Circle includes:

• 3 1-on-1 mentoring calls with Sara

You get 3 one-on-one mentoring sessions with me, which means that roughly once every three months we can hop on the phone together to discuss where you are in terms of the project you’ve chosen to create during our 6-month journey together.

I will help you figure out next steps, work with obstacles that have come your way, or see opportunities that you may not be seeing for yourself.

• 6 live, group mastermind calls with Sara

This means that once a month we come together as a community. I will give a talk on something current and relevant to the field of women’s business and empowerment and then each woman has time to receive “spotlight mentoring” to get questions answered and receive group feedback on her project.

• Monthly project planning worksheets

Oftentimes, what holds us back in completing (or getting started) on things that matter to us is lack of planning, reflection, and course correction.

Even a few minutes of effective project planning at the start each month can tip the scales for you from failure to success.

At the start of each month, you’ll receive instructions on the book of the month, your monthly accountability/support partner, as well as a worksheet to review the progress on your project from the previous month and set new milestones and intentions for what you’ll create in the month ahead.

• 3  “Creation Days”

Once every two months we’ll come together (virtually) as a community for a 4 hours, using a container I’ve found very effective over the years in getting important things done!

This structure has allowed me write books, create programs (like this!), and plan and host retreats, plus so much more.

During these “Creation Days,” we’ll work deeply together on different pieces of our projects, with support and accountability. Rather than getting stuck in fear, procrastination, and lack of direction, come together as a group to do the work.

Creation Days are a HUGE hit! One woman shared: “That was an incredibly powerful experience.”

• Accountability & support partners

Each month you’ll be paired with another woman in the mastermind for a listening/accountability call (in between the monthly calls with me).

These paired calls will foster a feeling of close connection with the other (amazing) women in the course.  You’ll get a chance to get to know the other women more personally, one-on-one, in both an intimate and structured way.

• Private Facebook Group

We’ll have a private Facebook group, just for women in the SHE Leadership Circle. Each month, a new woman will practice showing up as the leader for the group.

Here is a safe, supportive environment for you to network with one another, crowdsource new ideas, as well as share your celebrations and challenges. There is great wisdom in the “group mind”!

• Business book of the month

Each month I’ll share with you one of my favorite (and most impactful) books on career, money, creativity, and business for you to focus on.

Reading has been– and continues to be– a key way that I stay learning, growing, and adapting to an ever-shifting world and market.

These handpicked books will help you to grow your knowledge base and stand at the leading edge.

One woman in last year’s course said:  “I surprised myself by reading most of them and found them really helpful!”

• BONUS: Access to the entire curriculum of A Year of SHE

This means you can use the tools in this program to provide a strong foundation for your career goals in the SHE Leadership Circle.

The secret to a powerful career that impacts others and stands the test of time is…a consistent, daily spiritual practice.

Spaces in The SHE Leadership Circle are limited & available by application only.



“Thanks so many times over!!!

The SHE Leadership Circle was a huge gift to me, and I really appreciate all the time and energy you have devoted to assembling these resources and being a catalyst for growth for women. You are indeed a quiet fire starter!!”

Amelia Barrett

MD, RYT-200
Neurologist and Yoga Therapist
Denver, Colorado

Meet Our Guest Teachers

In addition to our monthly “Dakini’s Den” and SHE Yoga & Meditation videos, you’ll have access to a resource library of interviews with nearly thirty other wise souls.

Body & Health:



Intuitive coach and founder of High Heart Healing | How to Be Intuitive



Harvard-trained MD with 20+ years of experience and the author of the “The Hormone Cure” | Harmonizing Women’s Hormones



Authors & Founders of the Conscious Cleanse | How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Own our Own Authority by Activating our Own Powers of Self-Healing



Psychotherapist, Educator, Activist | Discovering Health at Every Size



Psychotherapist | Using Ritual to Transform Grief and Anger



MA, LPC, Psychotherapist working with women, wife, and mother | Rearranged by Motherhood: Attunement & Attachment Theory for Mothering Oneself and Others Well

Sex & Relationship:



Author & teacher of intimacy and sexuality |The Wild Woman’s Way: Unlock Your Full Potential for Pleasure, Power, and Fulfillment



Provocateur, Innovator, Illuminator, Catalyst | Sacred Sexuality



Somatic Educator and Healer | The Sex Education You Never Got as a Woman



Licensed psychotherapist and certified PACT couples therapist | The Art & Science of Intimate Relationships



S Factor Veteran and Pole Dance Instructor | Sensual Dance Class

Career, Creativity & Money:



Energy alchemist and everyday miracle worker for creative entrepreneurs | Inner Alchemy for Creating a Life You Love



Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach, Mama-preneur | The Art of Money & Fiscal Self Care



Author & Founder of The Right Brain Business Plan | How to Boost Your Business the Feminine Way with The Right Brain Business Plan

Life & Leadership:



Founder of Women for One & author | Your Messy Brilliance: Tools for the Perfectly Imperfect Woman



Founder of Awakening Women Institute | The Four Keys to Feminine Leadership



Best-selling author | How to Slow Down, Give Your Gifts, Overcome Perfectionism, and Become the Heroine of Your Own Life



Yoga Instructor, Earth Advocate, and Co-Founder of 90 Monkeys | How to Become More of Your Bright, Beautiful Self and Set Goals that Work



Certified coach, teacher and writer, and the creator of Unabashedly Female | Wildly Creative Feminine Leadership from Within



Licensed Psychologist, Certified Internal Family Systems™ Therapist | Befriending Your Inner Critic & Inner Little Girl




Teacher, organizational leader, and certified teacher of Feeding Your Demons | Feeding Your Demons Practice



Energy Healer | Activating Your Inner, Divine Masculine for Good Health & Strong Boundaries



Harvard trained scholar & Author of “Red Hot and Holy” | The Red, Hot & Holy Path of Feminine Spirituality



Hatha yoga master and expert in feminine spiritual practice | What is the Red Tent Really & Unconventional Truths about Feminine Spiritual Practice



Women’s Wellness and Empowerment Coach | Directing our Inner Masculine & Feminine Energies



Founder and author of Insight Yoga | The Path of the Modern Yogini



New York Times bestselling author and Buddhist meditation teacher | Open Your Heart to Change the World

And of course, there’s me: your guide for these twelve months. I’ll be walking this path with you, not above you.

You will get the very best of me this year: in focused teachings and sisterly support; in profound shifts and pragmatic tools; in mentoring, embodied wisdom teachings, and love. Lots and lots of love.

Quite simply: this is the work I am here to do.

About Sara Avant Stover

I’ve learned the hard way what happens when a woman doesn’t speak her truth and trust her inner knowing.

In the past, I sought advice from boyfriends, doctors, friends, teachers, astrologers, psychics, parents, and books. All the while, I valued this outer guidance above the wisdom tugging at me in my dreams and through mystery symptoms in my own body.

The end result? My life shattered into a million different pieces two years ago when I learned I had been living ensnared in a tangle of lies. The man I was engaged to came home and told me he had been unfaithful for over half of our relationship.

My inner compass felt broken and dismantled–even though I had built a livelihood around teaching women to trust their inner wisdom. This catapulted me on an inner journey that, at times, felt like it was going to cost me my life.

It forced me to let my old self die and to create a new Sara and new life (still in the works) from the ashes. All the while, putting things back together in a far truer, more aligned way.

I bring to this program all the grace I was gifted through my grief. I bring the grit I earned through becoming strong in the broken places.

Added to this, I bring all the wisdom I’ve gained through twenty-four years of dedicated, daily practice and 15-years of steadfast service in the field of women’s spirituality and empowerment.

My commitment now is to live joyfully, audaciously, and honestly, while inspiring women back to their profound, inner wisdom within: what I call your “SHE.”

Tens of thousands of women worldwide, of all ages, spiritual orientations, and levels of experience have been inspired by the stories and insights in my best-selling book, The Way of the Happy Woman and The Book of SHE.

A Year of SHE & SHE Leadership Circle breathe to life the practices and insights of my two books, two decades of teaching and practice experience, plus the bleeding edge of my own personal evolution.

This path takes courage, commitment, and radical authenticity. It means going against the grain of conventional wisdom. That’s why we can’t do it alone.

Within you lives the energy that creates worlds. This genius wisdom (your SHE) has all the answers you will ever need. Now, it’s up to you if you’ll actually hear…and live…from it.

May 2019 be the year that you finally live true… to your Self.

With love and respect,

Your Investment in Yourself

A Year of SHE

Registration closes on December 14!


$97/month for 12 months*


*Your payment begins on the day that you register, and continues every 30 days for the following 11 months.



One-time payment of $997




SHE Leadership Circle
(& BONUS: A Year of SHE)

Spaces in SHE Leadership Circle are limited and available
by application only.

Complete this application, and if it's approved, we’ll contact you to schedule a call. 

All payments are non-refundable.

Have questions? Find your answers here.

Having problems with your order? Email us here.


What: A Year of SHE is a 12-month women’s spiritual practice community.

The SHE Leadership Circle is a 6-month “upper tier, mastermind” to A Year of SHE (by application only).

When: Everything starts on January 1, 2019. (Because of the holiday, our first live class isn’t until the following week.)

A Year of SHE ends on December 31, 2019. SHE Leadership Circle ends on June 30, 2019.

Early registration (with extra gifts and discounts) is from November 7-16. Regular registration is from December 3-13. Once registration closes, this program will not be offered again until January 2020.

Where: A Year of SHE & SHE Leadership Circle are both completely virtual programs. We welcome women from all over the world. Create a sacred space online, in your own home, and together.

Who: For anyone who identifies as female, wants to stop being a spiritual dilettante, and is ready to start having a serious spiritual practice that serves as the foundation for her entire life.

How Much: A Year of SHE investment is 12 monthly payments of $87 — OR — one, one-time payment of $897. During regular registration, the investment is 12 monthly payments of $97 — OR — one, one-time payment of $997.

The SHE Leadership Circle is available by application only.

Why: Because you’re ready to know true power, peace, and happiness by making your spiritual connection the foundation of your entire life.

Because you know that yet another To Do list of practices or goals isn’t the way.

Because you crave rich, strong feminine support. Because you love women’s community. Because you’re skeptical about (but intrigued by!) women’s community.

Because you’ve heard the whispers (and roars) of your inner SHE. Because … you’re ready.

What Alumnae Are Saying

“As a result of The SHE School, I realize: I AM so much. I am enough.

I keep trying to justify myself, but I don’t need to do that. This is really quite freeing! I’m finally able to take in the present moment and what a blessing it is to be alive. I am becoming more alive in my stillness. In my compassion and kindness toward myself. In listening to my body and knowing when to slow down, clear the schedule – and that is okay. In not needing to always be striving for the next thing. That life is happening right now. I’m coming alive into this moment-by-moment reality. Which is quite liberating! The topics so deeply discussed have been medicine to my soul during this year, which has held so much transition and change that I was not anticipating. Your teachings have helped me to learn how to guide myself through each trench more gracefully and with more compassion toward myself. Thank you for all of your work and allowing me the space and guidance to come home to myself.”

Mallory Griffiths

Lancaster, PA

“I feel like a new woman!

I just moved into a new apartment, and I have a new boyfriend that I would not have had without realizing that it’s okay to be messy and imperfect. I am able to go with the flow of life and check-in more than check-out.

The SHE School is something you want to do. It’s not another HAVE to, it’s a WANT to. It’s not something to do either. It’s a program that radically shifted my life and became part of me.”

Tara Murphy

Eden Prairie, MN

“I am so present, my heart is open; and I I feel the gifts of curiosity, wonder, and beginner’s mind!”

Jocelyn Jenkins

Eagle, CO

“Self care is definitely the way forward and I am loving the ride!

I can’t believe what I have been missing! But when I’ve been taught to always ‘do,’ be ‘productive,’ and not be lazy, I just accepted that there was no time to be still and silent! But not anymore! I am grateful to be sharing this journey with so many other wonderful women.”

Michelle Jones

Bury, Lancashire, United Kingdom

“Thank you for sharing your stories here. I feel so grateful to have such an intimate circle of vulnerability and juicy realness.”

Amanda Thornton

Seattle, Washington

“Something remarkable is happening inside of me–a definite shift.

This something, I feel, may be the initiation I have been desperately praying for… and been oh so afraid of. Wise women, I feel scared but ready to share… I can feel my HER pushing me to. SHE knows I need your support with this… a different kind of support then what I’ve known. I feel so blessed to be a part of this loving circle.”

Alyssa Fielder

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

“I feel safe and have no shame any longer!

I truly do love myself these days…and that is enough to keep me happy without external influences! I love you all for who you are and for this like-minded view we share by being a part of this process of the evolution of our souls.”

Briana Sullivan

Amesbury, MA

“Thank you so much, sisters, for showing up. I actually felt selfish bursting into the lovely circle here with a cry for support. But I’m so glad I did, I feel the warmth, encouragement and support, so grateful for you.”

Anastasia Belikova

Hong Kong

“Whatever obstacles you have to clear to get to The SHE School, do it! every moment is worth it.

This retreat was a chance to realign my priorities and form a new commitment to my spiritual practice. It was a chance to get quiet and listen to my SHE. Sara’s teachings are always practical and applicable. The space she creates and holds is transformative.”

Faith Davis

Boulder, CO

“If you want to connect with your soul and learn techniques on how to do that, this retreat is for you!

I feel like my heart is breaking open and I am able to detox and cleanse out some intense emotions. The first weekend of the SHE School provided me with an opportunity to quiet my min and clean out a few of the clouds blocking my SHE. Sara’s guidance was extremely helpful and gentle.”

Brandy Martin

Thornton, CO

“If you hold a longing deep within you to reconnect with your true self, this program is a wonderful way to do so.

I have finally set my roots in a substantial way, dropped in, and set a solid intention for moving forward with my personal practice. It’s a deep an intentional reconnection with my soul. A calling forth of my wisdom to guide me forward in the coming comings. A powerful and necessary gathering of women in community.”

Stephanie McMillan

Boulder, CO

“This is more productive, restorative, longer lasting (and less expensive!) than a spa weekend…and you don’t even have to leave home.

It helped me slow down, open up, and reconnect with the divine so that I have the faith that something bigger is holding and guiding me, enabling and empowering me to face and handle the chaos of life with more grace.”

Sara Brito

Boulder, CO

“A grounding reminder to flow with reality, the divine, to connect to other women, and to keep learning on the soul level.

I’ve returned to surrender, faith, my higher power, and the knowing that my soul is in control!”

Rachael McKee

Boulder, CO

“The retreat works virtually! I did it from home, streaming through big screen TV in my living room with an altar nearby and a “do not disturb” sign on my locked front door. I am really happy with the experience.

This retreat has been centering, healing, heart AND mind opening. I was able to slow down and access some inner uncertainty, as well as some inner wisdom. The yoga practices were challenging and rewarding. Some of the journal exercises and the soul diagram set me up for some deep self-inquiry. I felt smoothly guided through the process and, as a virtual participant, appreciated access to the live retreat circle.”

Sonja Carey

Hood River, OR

“If there’s a whisper somewhere deep inside to do it – follow that whisper!

I’ve returned to surrender, faith, my higher power, and the knowing that my soul is in control!”

Ruth White

Brisbane, Australia

“The program has allowed me to reconnect with the sacredness within.

I’ve learned that vulnerability is a strength that really does help heal those around me. I feel incredibly grateful for the women who have spoken about their experiences, it has helped me honor and reclaim lost parts of myself. I feel stronger to reach out to others who may benefit from me sharing my experiences.”

Kristie Gambrel

Ontario, Canada

“This retreat was a special gift on a special day!

The journaling and reflections brought deep insights for celebration and also gave focus for next 6 months . The yoga and meditation were AWESOME. Practicing together was so nourishing! I felt and still feel so grateful. Such bliss! Sara, thank you – it was GREAT TEACHING!”

Olga Ismagilova

Prague, Czech Republic

“Sara is a truly gifted teacher and provides us with amazing sisterhood.

It is wonderful to have a place to go with other women who are on a similar path. It feels supportive, loving, and nurturing and provides rich ground for personal growth and for continuing on one’s own process of individuation and soulful embodiment.”

Julie Pfnister

Portland, OR

“This was the greatest personal investment I’ve ever made in myself

I truly learned more about myself along my Heroine’s Journey which simply wouldn’t have been possible without Sara Avant Stover’s guidance!”

Camille Hurlburt

Ormond Beach, FL

“I’ve learned how to cherish myself more, to love my body, my periods, and how to honor my own story as a woman.

This is a safe place to learn how to love yourself more deeply, with the inspiration of other amazing women. I love everything about it! This work is so important, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. Although the Path might be hard sometimes, it’s worth it…and I am worthy of it too!”

Andressa Nóbrega


“I’ve learned to listen to my body more, and embrace all of me.”

Misty Allen

Livermore, CA

“This is a wonderful gift to give yourself in order to deeply appreciate yourself as a woman, especially while going through life transitions.”

Nicole Foos

Los Angeles, CA

“The retreat last month was exceptional…

I found myself crying listening to your words at the beginning of the retreat. I now know that I need to put my self nurturing as a priority before being selfless in my relationships to…well, every area of my life!”

Sue Bach

Brisbane, Australia

“I feel much more in touch with my feminine body and soul and in alignment with the natural, feminine rhythms of the earth, moon, seasons, and life….

Sara’s guidance includes both gentle and penetrating questions and comments that help us to dive deeper into ourselves in the moment… the sharing and participation of all the women is invaluable.”

Katy Taylor

St. Paul, Minnesota

“I have had a lot happen in my life in the last 6 months from my husband’s stroke to my son’s car accident. I have found peace in my life after attending Sara’s online retreats.

The knowledge that is shared by the women here (who don’t judge you)– in how to handle things in your life during the good and bad times—has been a real gift.”

Tammey Lortie

Copenhagen, NY

“For the first time in my life, I truly feel like I belong on the planet. This is a place where you can lean back and feel Ahhhh….

As a result of being in this program , I am more deeply relaxed and grounded. I have been gradually shedding old beliefs and patterns, and the sisterhood here has helped me with this. The tent has helped me learn to receive acceptance. I am finally getting to a place where I can relax into the idea that I belong somewhere—in all of my mess and glory. The SHE School is a place of sanctuary where you can rest your fears, anxieties and false beliefs about yourself and your Divine-ness. In exchange, indulge in the ever flowing support and acceptance of real women who see who you are and love you in all ways. It is a place where you can bring your pain and a place where you can brag about your greatest gifts. You are allowed – actually encouraged to shine brightly with no fear of blinding anyone else or casting a shadow on the gifts and beauty of the other members.”

Deb Dawson-Dunn


“This course was hugely transformative, raw, honest, spicy, deeply honest & supportive. I really haven’t found anything else like it out there.

For the first time in ages, I can see the future more clearly. I don’t mean I know exactly what I will be doing, I just feel a fog has lifted when I look forward. And my priorities have become clear.”

Eva Papadakis


“I’m so excited to be part of this amazing group!”

Laura Fragiacamo


“This is a life changing, deep journey into your soul, mind, and body. I loved it all!!!”

Mariana Morales


“The SHE School, a beautiful integrative program for women led by a compassionate and real Sara who isn’t afraid of getting to the core of things.”


Sacramento, CA

“This is a sanctuary where you can find a warm embrace when you’re feeling low, a kick in the pants when you need some get up and go, some wise woman wisdom when you don’t know which way to go, and a mirror showing you what you need to know.”

Kate Walker


“I feel that I am more my authentic self, healthy boundaries are re-established, and I have words and concepts to go along with innate spiritual feelings.

I have a better understanding of what my daily self-care is and needs to be, and I know I’m not alone on my journey.

Please choose to make the time in your life for the incredible, life-affirming gift that is The SHE School. You’ll be forever grateful that you did!”

Erinne Selim

Fairport, NY

“I’ve gained more confidence in sharing my spiritual self publicly, which is helping me to form a more local, in-person community.

I feel more confident that I can address challenges as they come up because I’ve been introduced to so many tools and practiced using them.

The SHE School has been a way for me to connect with like-minded women on a shared, supported jouney to evolve ourselves over the course of 9 months. It’s a very effective way to practice and learn when you may not have an in-person community accessible to you or yet established.”

Carrie Fawcett

Winchester, Ontario, Canada

“The SHE School helped me to trust myself and my inner wisdom (my SHE) in ways that I never could before.

I believe in my deep self and in the sisterhood surrounding me in an entirely new and life-changing way. I decided to get divorced right after the SHE school started, and I have felt all along that the SHE School was and is a big part of that decision, giving me courage and conviction to really do it. I am trusting myself more deeply in so many areas.”

Kasey Jueds

Philadelphia, PA

A Year of SHE & The SHE Leadership Circle will support, challenge, and awaken you.


It’s a living, breathing community.

A place to actually practice (not just talk about it).

A crucible calling you to unabashedly live your Truth (with a capital T).

We’re a sisterhood of spiritual misfits, fierce believers, and loving change-makers.

Ours is a refuge of fierce and loving accountability. A place to feel accepted and challenged.

Let your hair down while you roll up your sleeves.

And be constantly urged to listen to & heed the answers within… especially when things get hairy.



Your Investment in Yourself

A Year of SHE

Registration closes on December 14!


$97/month for 12 months*


*Your payment begins on the day that you register, and continues every 30 days for the following 11 months.



One-time payment of $997




SHE Leadership Circle
(& BONUS: A Year of SHE)

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by application only.

Complete this application, and if it's approved, we’ll contact you to schedule a call. 

All payments are non-refundable.

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“I’m feeling genuinely excited about where I am, and how it’s all coming together in my life.

It’s so worth it. If there’s anything within you that says Yes, say YES!

Julia Forberg

San Francisco, CA

We can’t wait to welcome you home.

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