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To introduce more women to the Way and to build and nurture our community.


To build a community of free, self-expressed women who live lives of transformation, empowerment, aliveness, and authenticity.


1. Beginner’s Mind. Stay open and listen generously.

2. Surprise & Delight. Go the extra mile. Leave things more beautiful than you found them.

3. Own it. Take 100% responsibility. Be impeccable in word and action.

4. Stand for one another. Uplift other women and create community.

5. Speak straight. Be honest at all times. No gossip or back talk.

6. Make the taboo sacred. Innovate and challenge the status quo.

7. Live at your edge. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and always be learning.

8. Be in love. Source all words and actions from your deepest care. Enjoy your life.


If you wonder (or agonize) about any of these questions, you’re in the right place:

  • Should a woman’s spiritual journey really look like a man’s? (Hint: Nope.)
  • How can I prioritize spiritual practice when my inbox is overflowing, the dishes need doing, and I’m just too tired and frazzled?
  • If I know ten minutes of yoga or meditation make me feel so much better, why do I keep reaching for the remote and cupcakes, instead?
  • I’m the biggest spiritual imposter I know. (OK, that’s not a question, but we hear it a lot.)
  • How can I “follow my inner guidance” when sometimes she tells me to skip yoga class for happy hour, snap at my boyfriend, and call bullshit on feel-good spiritual quotes?
  • If spiritual wisdom is following what’s authentic for me, is there any place for disciplined practice and getting things done? (Yes, sister. Yes.)
  • If my life-and-spirit journey is so unique (I get it, it is), then who can I turn to for real guidance?
  • If women are supposed to thrive in community, why do I get all kinds of triggered by most touchy-feely women’s circles?
  • Where’s my tribe?

Sisterhood, practice, and wisdom for the modern Heroine’s Journey.

Women who want to experience the fullest expression of their feminine wisdom must slow down, tune into their bodies, and end the war within.
Feminine spirituality for the modern woman doesn’t mean:
  • Staring at the wall for days like a masculine meditation warrior.
  • Instagram-perfect yoga poses.
  • Yet another list of To Do’s or lifestyle tweaks or books to read (in all your infinite spare time).

It’s time to stop chasing perfection. It’s time to slow down, get sane, and tune into the rhythms and cycles that guided thousands of generations of women before us.

It’s time to stop fueling our war against ourselves with achievement-based approaches to embodiment, spirituality, and life balance. (Your inner perfectionist probably doesn’t like hearing this, right? It’s OK. There’s plenty of challenge here for her, too.)

It’s time to stop putting everyone else’s needs before our own and start walking a path of radical self-love. (Because exquisite self-care isn’t a luxury: it’s necessary. And it’s your birthright.)

It’s time to stop biting your tongue, stop putting yourself down, and start reclaiming your innate wholeness and authentic happiness and peace. (These exist no matter how shitty your day was. But we’ll work on making your days better, too.)

It’s time to press “pause” on the frenzy of modern life and sink our roots down into the patient, wise, creative ground of being we are never apart from.

It’s time to stop apologizing for our sensitivity, our cycles, our moods, or our ability to smell out bullshit a mile away … and start honoring the wisdom they are so desperately trying to share with us (and the world).

It’s time to embrace every aspect of yourself: dark and light, spirit and shadow, Queen, Warrioress, and Crone.

The Way of the Happy Woman is your haven for a new (yet ancient) feminine path of awakening, joy, and leadership.


Simple practices for your body, emotions, mind, soul, and shadow, accessible to women of all ages, denominations, and persuasions. Root yourself in the essential, become present with the flow of life, and learn to transform your obstacles into opportunities to reconnect with your indestructible strength.

Mentorship, inspiration, and intimate truth telling from Sara Avant Stover. Sara brings over two decades of yoga, meditation practice, women’s work, and psychological healing to this space. She has devoted her life to guiding women back to their profound wisdom within: what she calls one’s SHE. (Meet Sara here.)

Gentle support and compassionate challenges along your path back to your own inner wisdom. Integrative and fiercely individualized, this Way brings you into an intimate relationship with yourself, the Divine, one another, and the world. The Way is wise and wild, sacred and soft, messy and mysterious.

A model for feminine entrepreneurship. Our company shuts down seasonally for periods of rest and reflection. We don’t do marketing hype or overblown promises. And we don’t flood your Facebook or inbox, because we know: that’s the last thing you need.

A multi-generational, global sisterhood of wise women, spiritual misfits, and warrioresses of the heart. The Heroine’s Journey spans a lifetime, so you’ll find practices here for every stage of your life … and learn from women with a broad range of experiences, backgrounds, and worldviews.

In-person retreats and workshops, online immersions, and one-on-one mentorship to help you place your Heroine’s Journey at the heart of everything you do. (View our offerings here.)

A loving wakeup call to slow down, reconnect with what is most essential, and fall madly, soulfully in love with yourself and your one, precious life. Drawing from yoga, Buddhist meditation, Taoism, Ayurveda, devotion to the Sacred Feminine, and psychological healing practices, The Way of the Happy Woman weaves the timeless and esoteric into your practical, day-to-day life, in true wise woman fashion.

Above all, here you’ll find a sacred space for you to come home… to yourself.

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