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An At-Home SHE Retreat

with Sara Avant Stover &
The Way of the Happy Woman Global Community

My dear, wise, beautiful woman,

This precious life of ours sure gets tough sometimes, doesn’t it?

With its relentless onslaught of pings: 2 more friends have birthdays this week (and you haven’t gotten presents yet); there’s news on the latest geo-political mini-catastrophe; your kiddo caught a tummy bug; there’s a new episode of that podcast you really should catch up on; and (crap!) you should’ve left the house for yoga 10 minutes ago.

If you’ve been hiding under the covers, burned out by today’s headlines and your Facebook feed and the demands of work-life-health …

If you’ve been pounding the pavement in acts of feminine rebellion large and small … and know your body-heart-mind is in desperate need of some rejuvenating TLC …

This is for you.

For the first time, I’m bringing the SHE Retreat experience right into your home.

To help you stay sane and present amidst all this uncertainty.

To reconnect with your sacred, wise body.

To ground into your true feminine power.

To process and release fear, anxiety, anger, and grief.

To nourish your wild and wonderful soul.

To activate your compassionate heart.

Please join me for this utterly practical indulgence.

You’ll experience the framework I use at all of my in-person retreats, including:

  • SHE Dharma Talk – My own wisdom teachings on how to hold steady amidst uncertainty and ground into the soft power of the feminine, through body, heart, and mind.
  • Women’s yin and flow yoga – One of my teachers says, “yoga should always feel like dessert.” This feminine embodiment practice is an enjoyment practice. Indulge in a gentle, all-levels women’s yoga sequence to nourish and strengthen you, while helping you find your center. YUM.
  • Buddhist Meditation – We are our own worst enemies. Through awareness practices, we’ll train our minds to stay present and rooted in reality, while also training our hearts to stay open and loving, no matter what. This is how we become our own best friends.
  • A Silent Space – Silence is like oxygen for your soul … and it’s a powerful tonic during these loud, busy times. You’ll get to enjoy three hours away from the world.
  • Guided Self-Inquiry –  Become a more loving, wise steward of your own emotions and enjoyment. Through journaling practices, you’ll give the mic over to your soul, or your SHE, to access your inner wisdom, so you can emerge more clear and confident.
  • Women’s Circle Practices – Today, more women than ever are coming together, speaking up, and celebrating their strength in community. Come tap into the power of a women’s circle … feel the support and kinship from other like-hearted women.

It breaks my heart to see brilliant, strong, compassionate women like you…

… Giving yourself a hard time for having a hard time

… Beating yourself up when you really need to soothe and mentor yourself

… Spinning out into chaotic swirls of doubt, negativity, and fear

… Squandering your precious energy in worry, self-criticism, and lethargy

In a world that moves at the
speed of thought, slowing down is
a revolutionary act.

Retreats help bring us back to a place of sacred simplicity. So we can enjoy all the things we’re too frenetic to notice in normal life. So we can nourish ourselves instead of feeling chronically under-resourced.

Come to a safe space where you can fully explore and amplify the feminine spiritual strength within yourself … a training ground you can emerge from to activate your inner, feminine strength and wisdom (what I call your SHE) in all areas of your life.

Retreats aren’t a luxury. They’re an essential form of self care.

You don’t need more ideas about love or practice or yoga … you need an experience that lands in your whole body as the experience of being in love.

You don’t need to wait for a week-long yoga retreat that’s many months away (and stretches your finances to their breaking point) … you deserve a simple, accessible retreat that won’t stress you out.

You don’t need a gallon of Rocky Road or a bottle of Cab Sauv or another Netflix binge to deal with everything … you need to taste the vast, ever-present NOW that holds your precious, scared, beautiful and broken self in infinite, sustaining abundance and creativity.

And you deserve a simple framework you can rely on again and again, so you can recreate this experience for yourself at home, on your own, whenever you need a booster shot of silence and ease.

This at-home, yoga & meditation retreat will give you…

  • A break from the constant influx of ideas … so your body, heart, and mind can take a breath
  • A reminder to stop looking outside for the answers … and instead return home to your inner refuge (which is always available to you, no matter what)
  • Full permission to be messy, to have a tough day, to fall apart … and know that you have the resources, wisdom, and support to come back together even more whole and strong, tomorrow
  • Tools to work with challenges as they arise in your life, including mental negativity and strong emotions
  • The ability to stay grounded in your body and connected to yourself through your daily life, especially when things get tough and it really matters
  • A simple, robust framework for regular, at-home retreats you can use any time to recharge
  • A deep connection to your SHE: the inner feminine wisdom you can anchor to instead of self-doubt, fear, or stress
  • A profound and sustaining sense of relaxation, calm, and resourcefulness — the “OK, I’ve got this” spring in your step

I’ve never offered a stand-alone virtual retreat before … yet it’s at the heart of all that I do and teach.

Most of us can’t jet off to a week-long yoga and meditation retreat in paradise.

Instead, we need practical ways to re-center, rejuvenate, and reconnect — right within our daily lives and all that we juggle as mothers, sisters, partners, friends, and career women.

Creating safe, sacred spaces like the one you’ll experience on this at-home SHE Retreat was the key practice that transformed my own life.

And short, at-home retreats like this one are the cornerstone of my global SHE School, the Red Tent before that, and every program and book I’ve ever shared with you.

Together, we’ll let the stress of regular life slip away for a few hours … so we can tap into the sacred silence beneath it all.

An extra gift for you…

When you register for this at-home SHE Retreat, you’ll also receive 2 bonus audio interviews with some of my favorite self-care mavens. Listen to these anytime– on a walk, at the gym, in your car or the bath. Because we need all the inspiration we can get to keep carving out time for ourselves in the midst of our busy lives.

Jennifer Louden

Best-selling author

How to Slow Down, Give Your Gifts, Overcome Perfectionism, and Become the Heroine of your Own Life

Susan Piver

New York Times bestselling author and Buddhist meditation teacher

Open Your Heart to Change the World

What’s included:

  • Pre-recorded 3-hour at-home retreat.
  • Lifetime access to the retreat recording — so you can recreate this retreat again, anytime you like.
  • Preparatory instructions so you can make the most of this sacred experience.
  • A retreat journal (pdf) with opening intentions, closing dedications, inquiry prompts, and more.
  • A robust retreat follow-up guide with suggestions to integrate this experience and bring its fruits into your daily life. Includes my suggested architecture for a solid daily practice and regular at-home retreats.
  • Free, ongoing access to our private SHE Circle Facebook group, so you can connect with alumnae from all of my other programs.
  • Two inspiring audio interviews to expand your self-care library with Susan Piver and Jennifer Louden.

Who it’s for:

  • For women of all ages & levels of yoga and meditation experience.
  • For women who have never done a retreat or event with me before and veteran students, alike.

What you’ll need:

A “Do Not Disturb” sign to hang on your door. A willingness to slow down and be silent. A yoga mat, cushion for meditation, water bottle, and your journal. Comfortable clothes to move in. A sacred space (candle, flowers, or any creature comforts you like–this is a feminine retreat, after all … and we love luxury, not deprivation).

How you’ll feel afterwards:

You’ll leave feeling serene, inspired, connected to your inner wisdom (your SHE), and personally fulfilled and resilient–no matter what’s happening around you. So you can truly show up for your life … and all its chaos and beauty.

Why now?

  • Because everywhere I look, I see amazing women stressed and stretched to the max — and our political and social climates are only intensifying matters.
  • Because we need to learn to take these smaller doses of self-care and silence, to fill our well, to release our “all or nothing” mentality, to trust quality over quantity, and to not need a whole week away in paradise but instead be able to get resourced within the walls of your own home, on a weekend morning.
  • Because the feminine is rising. In women’s marches and boardrooms and bedrooms and all around us … and we desperately need to take a feminine approach to this wise revolution: attuned to nature’s pace and drenched with love.
  • Because our world desperately needs us — and it needs us at our best. So we can be good friends to ourselves and resources to our communities. Now more than ever.

Your Investment in Yourself


All payments are non-refundable

If you have been longing to feel whole and home, and if you are ready to face and embrace your fears, this retreat will do the trick!

Sara has the wonderful gift to lead us– a group of women– through the tides, waves, and storms, but also the calm sees of our existence. All of these are stored in our own bodies.

Marisa Marolda

Lausaunne, Switzerland

An amazing journey! To meet myself…in the company of sisterhood!

It is an investment to enrich the soul, uplift the heart, and awaken the body, mind and spirit.

Roberta Dittoe

Fort Mitchell, KY

I can hear and feel myself, for the first time, as an adult. Every part of me is awake and my heart is beating loudly…I am alive. I am here. I am alive!

Jenny Kenlon

Astoria, NY

I found my vulnerability and softness, which enable me to be more open and loving, yet also fun and light-hearted.

Sylvia Chuah

Hong Kong

I have clearly met my SHE.

I have a solid way to connect with her and as a result I have been able to lay down a template for my life as an authentic woman.

Deb Dawson-Dunn

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

This retreat gives you the tools to cope with the challenges of the real world.

It was a great way to stop and re-access. A chance to reset.

Sandra Harrison

Sydney, Australia

This retreat helps you feel better about yourself!

In a very safe and supportive environment, you can be your real self. I reconciled the parts of myself that I have denied and forgotten. I now have resources to use and support to draw on in the future..

Kelly O’Neil

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

I have let go more of my ‘good girl’ structures so that my natural aliveness and sensuality can shine through.

Give yourself the gift of Sara’s deeply personal, feminine, authentic leadership to deepen your own real, individual journey with your inner SHE.

Katy Taylor

St. Paul, MN

Sara’s teachings went beyond anything I had ever heard and even beyond my expectations.

I have never felt so safe to explore and play my edge. This program is for any woman who has ever felt called to learn more about herself, to deepen her practice, and to truly connect with other women.

Faith Davis

Boulder, CO

About Sara Avant Stover

I’m a yoga and meditation teacher and bestselling author of The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life (New World Library, 2011) and The Book of SHE: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power (New World Library, 2015).

I’m also the leader and founder of the beloved global women’s community, The Way of the Happy Woman.

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from Columbia University’s all-women’s school, Barnard College. After a cancer scare in my early twenties, I moved to Thailand, where I embarked on a decade-long healing and spiritual odyssey throughout Asia. I’ve since gone on to uplift the lives of tens of thousands of women worldwide.

The creator of Reversing Our “Curse,” The SHE School, and the SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training, I’ve been featured in Yoga Journal, the Huffington Post, Newsweek, Natural Health, and on ABC, NBC, and CBS.

I write, teach, hike, and dance with the dark and light in Boulder, Colorado, with my dog, Sadie.

Your Investment in Yourself


All payments are non-refundable

We can’t wait to welcome you home!

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