Living by your feminine cycles: A new, free online immersion.


One of the things that I’m most proud of is that, at long last, I’ve built a life and a business that nourishes (rather than depletes) me.

I have a core team of three other women that supports me (and all of you), plus several other wonderful freelancers. We create our marketing, teaching, and editorial calendars around the seasons, as well as the new and full moons.

I schedule myself lightly during my PMS week. I rest during my moon cycle. I now take a sabbatical in the late summer and early winter. We don’t work after 7pm or on the weekends.

Some days, when I’m tired, I think, “Oh, I really should push through, I really need to get this done.”

And then I stop and ask, “What’s really true here?”

I listen deeply. And I always get an answer, to be softer, kinder, and more receptive (e.g. to take a nap or go for a walk or say “no”). The more that I listen to and trust my body’s guidance, the more obstacles move aside and I discover a new way to be “productive.” I discover my Way.

Now, this isn’t some idyllic reality I’ve somehow stumbled upon. It’s one that I consciously create, daily. I’ve suffered a lot over the past 18 years in order to arrive here–and in order to trust that this is possible. Deadlines are still met. Money still comes in. Things still get done. But that wasn’t always the case on the way to this place, and I had to stumble quite a bit before I learned how to move gracefully within the world I longed to create.

Sharing with all of you how to do this is my passion and privilege — to be a guiding light for how to live based on our feminine cycles, and the abundant wisdom that springs from them.

That’s why today I am happy to offer you a new, free resource to help you invite into your life some of the role models, tools, and day-to-day inspiration you need to create a life based on your body’s wisdom and intuition.

Some of you joined in on this in February 2013. This made headlines and expanded our sisterhood. We heard from many of you that it was so eye opening and inspiring that we want to make sure this resource remains available to any woman who needs it.

If you weren’t part of our family then–or if you want to deepen your journey a second time around– you are invited to an encore presentation of:

“I Heart My Moon Cycle Month”

28 Women. 28 Days.
A Free Online Immersion, Celebrating Our Cycles.
Click here to join.
Gratis. Complimentary. Free.
Start any day. Move through the journey at your own pace. Do it your Way.

So what exactly is this month all about?

It’s about our cycles, from menses to menopause, and how they relate to our work in the world — from our businesses, to relationships, to spiritual practice.

These taboo topics–menses and menopause and everything in between–the dark underbelly of our womanhood, is something we so seldom hear our leaders and mentors talking about. It’s something we don’t even share with mothers, daughters, girlfriends, or lovers.

Embracing our cycles means embracing our deepest inspiration, creativity, playfulness, and powerful feminine presence.

28 female leaders, authors, healers, and teachers will be speaking about how their cycles have helped them to manifest and live their visions, as embodied powerful women.

You will hear from one of these 28 women each day as they represent all stories, all seasons of life, all scenarios.

Some of the bright lights you’ll bask in during this 28 day immersion include my own teacher, Sofia Diaz, along with Kate Northrup, Bari Tessler, Alexis Neely, Alisa Vitti, KC Baker, LiYana Silver, my own business mentor Andrea J. Lee, and more than a few surprise speakers, too!

Fun, frank, factual talks and intimate sharings will demonstrate how powerful and embodied women channel their cycles into the service of their great work in the world (while juggling families, partners, sex, money, and the 1,000+ other moving pieces of our lives).

Are you ready to hear how other female leaders and teachers have done it?

So my soul sister, come join me and 28 other women as we get down and dirty about what it means to be a woman in today’s world.

We hold nothing back, and no topic is too taboo.

Join me over at our new, free online immersion: “I Heart My Moon Cycle Month.

P.S. If you have women in your life and feel they would benefit from this information, please share this with them!

P.P. S. You will also receive a beautiful “Moon Cycle Manifesto” poster (PDF) when you join the immersion :)

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