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Barefeet, Watermelons, and Sunburns – It’s Summer! (+ Some Journaling Prompts to Help You Enjoy It)

A sweet stew of excitement and sorrow – that’s what I feel today (and every year) on this day.

Yes, for those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the summer solstice.

I feel excitement because it’s the longest day of the year. Yes, to evening hikes, dinner outside, and bright early mornings. Yes, again to a whole season ahead of play, celebration, and delight.

And, on the flip side of this, I also feel a tinge of sorrow because, after today, the days start getting shorter again, up until the winter solstice. At first it’s barely noticeable, and July and August are nearly as bright and bold as June – sometimes even more so! But the movement away from light and heat begins today.

May the impermanence of the summer solstice remind us not to delay in enjoying our lives. [Tweet this]


Let’s stop thinking that we’re too busy to get outside. Take the day (or afternoon) off, go on vacation, or take the small actions necessary to be more in life, in this moment.

Let’s stop believing that we need to improve ourselves or change our lives before we can enjoy them. [Tweet this]

This weekend, spend some time outside with your journal. Immerse yourself in a place that truly nourishes you. For me, that will be in the sun, on a lounge chair –either on my deck or by the pool.

Here are some journaling prompts to contemplate. Allow them to prepare you to make the very most of the ripe season ahead.

1. What have I been too busy or too preoccupied to really appreciate or celebrate about my life?

2. What would make me incredibly happy this summer? (Suspend judgment as to whether or not it would be possible to do it– let yourself feel and state what you really want here.)

3. What are my favorite ways to play? (If you can’t think of any, what did you enjoy doing as a child in the summertime?)

4. What activities or adornments would make me feel beautiful, sensual, and fabulous this summer?

5. What inner and outer obstacles might stand in the way of celebrating, playing, and enjoying this summer? What resources can I activate within myself, and around me, in order to embrace and work with these obstacles?

6. What 1-3 small steps am I willing to commit to following through on this season, in order to more closely live the answers to these questions?

Please share your responses in the comments below. Be inspired by other women’s visions, and stating these in the presence of our sisterhood will help you to feel more support and accountability.

Remember: The more fully we experience life’s beauty, the less regret we have that we didn’t live and love in the ways we most longed to. [Tweet this]

Here’s to LIVING this season.

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