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A Woman’s Guide to Yin Yoga

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It’s sacred time–when I don’t schedule anything, when I step away from my devices, and when I avoid driving or buying anything (if I can). Time when I follow my whims. Time when I recharge by letting spaciousness reign.

Whether I’m out late with friends the night before, or I’ve spent the evening alone watching Netflix on my couch, I sleep in on Sundays, letting the day unfold organically from there.

And while I don’t require myself to practice on Sundays, as I do on other days of the week, I usually find myself gravitating towards it at some point in the day.

This is a safe haven to let my feelings flow, pray, and feel my heart– especially when the world feels as crazy as it does right now.

Letting my practice be extra gentle, I move through what has become my favorite yin yoga sequence. Customized to milk the tension out of my most bound-up nooks and crannies, it’s filled with hip openers, gentle backbends, twists, and forward folds.

Just like I look forward to making myself a nice brunch on Sundays (paleo, blueberry waffles, topped with ghee and maple syrup, please!), I also look forward to adding a little something special to my yin practice on these days. This can be a Dharma talk I’m excited to hear, an interesting interview, or a recording from an online program I’m enjoying.

These practices soothe and rejuvenate me. They prepare me for the week ahead, and they return me to myself.

I wish for every woman to have this, too; because yin yoga is one of the best allies we can have in our embodiment tool kits. In today’s Poolside Sutra, I’ll tell you why.

And, since it’s Sunday, I encourage you to listen to this within both inner and outer atmospheres of spaciousness and self-enjoyment!

Poolside Sutras #4:

A Woman’s Guide to Yin Yoga


In today’s SHE Talk, I share:

  • The unexpected story of how I found yin yoga (it involves intentionally not sleeping for 3 days straight!)
  • Ways to use yin yoga to work with adrenal fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and more.
  • Why this practice is one of the best ways to skillfully align our yoga practice with our hormonal cycles.

Listen to today’s SHE Talk:

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Yin yoga has been a huge staple in my practice and teaching– helping me to heal everything from ovarian cysts to back pain to depression.

My sincerest hope is that this talk brings some sanctuary to your Sunday, and your life at large, by helping you to take some space to connect with yourself and what you most care about.

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Enjoy your Sunday. And I’ll see you later this week, for our fifth (and final!) episode in this summertime series.

With much love and respect,



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Being a woman isn’t a detail: it’s the profound, sacred heart of your embodied awakening. If you’re aching for a fresh, feminine approach to yoga & meditation, you’re not alone. You deserve it. And if you teach? Your community deserves this from you, too.

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