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4 Ways to Infuse Calm & Confidence into the Stress of Your Day-to-Day (new video series)

I want to take you on a trip– back to early February of last year. Our Heroine’s Journey begins with a pivotal moment in my personal life.

I share it with you now because, nearly one year later (as a more whole, evolved woman than I was then), I see that what I faced that day–and in the subsequent months that followed– holds the very medicine we all need to more gracefully weather whatever awaits us in 2017.

Standing on the soil of my new life, I’m ready to share with you—both in the article below, and in those to come over the next few weeks–the tools I used to heal from this life-changing trauma.

Let’s take a deep breath together. It’s time for the first stop on our Journey…..

Warm steam billowed out from the humidifier, and the dog snored quietly on the sheepskin rug at the foot of our bed. Through the white curtains, an icy, tangerine dawn spread through the room.

I stretched out underneath the gray bedspread and rolled to my left, squinting to see the Roman numerals on my grandmother’s crystal clock that stood on the nightstand: 6:40.

Then the memories barrelled in.

Sitting at the kitchen table, watching his lips form alien words: affairs, the past two plus years.

Me, laughing at first in disbelief, “You’re kidding, right?!”.

Sweet potatoes and kale– from our last dinner, the one we never ate– growing cold on the granite counter.

Tears dripping from my chin while the wall in the upstairs hallway held me up. Screaming for him to leave.

Standing in the backyard, body shaking like a mad woman under the full moon. My friend, Tracey sitting beside me on the couch, stroking my hair.

“Please, let it have been a dream. Please, please. Let it have all been a bad dream,” I begged aloud. It had happened before– dreaming the unthinkable and waking to the sweet relief that all I loved was still touchable.

So I waited for the smell of his coffee, the sound of his razor buzzing in the bathroom, for him to come in and kiss me good morning before he left for work. But the house stayed still.

And, as the sky grew brighter, I knew it wasn’t a dream. It was my life.


Let’s be honest. 2016 was a hellish ride for many of us.

I separated from my former fiancé and embarked on the daunting quest to build an entirely new life. We lost Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, George Michael, Florence Henderson, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds.

The U.S. had one of the most contentious presidential elections in our history– rigged by Russian hacking, no less! We’ve faced atrocities in Aleppo, Orlando, Oakland, and so many other places. Globally, we’re more divided than ever.

In our individual lives, many of us hover in survival-mode, struggling to stay afloat amidst life’s incessant changes and challenges.

I’ve heard from you, and I know that, together, we’re facing divorces, miscarriages, the debilitating fatigue of early motherhood, wacky hormonal shifts, aging parents, chronic illness, weight gain, low libido, and constantly feeling like we’re never enough.

When we compound the inner and outer stressors we’re facing, it’s no wonder that we’re living with an extreme amount of uncertainty and chaos.

The bright side?

I believe we are all being called to step up and take our seats–in the center of ourselves–right now. To take a stand for wisdom and compassion. To show up more and more. To ground ourselves and live aligned with our values.

The world desperately needs us — and it needs us at our best. Now more than ever.

But … how can we face all of this without cowering in fear or burning out?

I’ve seen many of my dear friends and students neglecting their self-care, because of all this tumult.

We stay up late, reading political articles or craving someone else’s reality on Instagram. We choose fast food over cooking for ourselves because there’s just too much to do or money’s tight.

We get stuck in a fearful or angry place, and can’t focus on the daily tasks that most need our loving attention.

When things are this chaotic, we have to be flexible about our routines and To Do’s. We have to take each day as it comes. But we also have to redouble our efforts to stay centered, connected, and compassionate. So we can feel personally fulfilled and resilient, no matter what’s happening around us. So we can truly show up for our life … and all its chaos.

Essential self-care is what keeps us from spinning out when a good day turns sour.

This isn’t a sprint. 2017 will be a marathon of self-love and self-care, relational and community engagement, and acts of compassion.

How can we survive this marathon when simply scrolling through our Facebook feed every morning feels like an avalanche of bad news?

How can we model wisdom and compassion when we were up ‘till 3 the night before, tossing and worrying and finally numbing out with a glass of Pinot Noir?

How can we hear that calm, wise inner voice — the one that knows how to face all of this turbulence and chaos — when we’re exhausted and stressed to-the-max?

After facing my own hellish year of initiation in 2016, I KNOW: the only way to transform obstacles into opportunities is to stay connected and to CHOOSE it.

You can choose to simplify your schedule when you’re sleep deprived.

You can choose to spend 10 minutes in meditation instead of worrying over your Facebook feed.

You can choose to shift from fear into faith.

You can make the choice, in any moment, to rewrite your story and change the trajectory of your day…and your year.

This is why I created for you…..



An Intimate, 4-part Video Class Series


In this 4-part video class series, I’ll invite you right into my home and daily life.

I’ll share the exact practices, routines, mini-rituals, and tools I relied on in 2016 — the trial-by-fire year that brought me to my knees. A year that beckoned me (if I wanted to still have the life of my dreams) to transform obstacles into opportunities and fear into faith.

These aren’t slick, overly produced videos. Because that’s not what real life looks like. These 4 video classes are intimate, raw, and straight from the heart. And there a taste of what I’ll be teaching in great depth in this year’s SHE School– our 9-month women’s spiritual practice community.

Whatever kind of initiation you’re facing right now — whether it’s learning to stay sane with a new baby on board, trying to rekindle some sexiness in your long-term relationship, or simply trying to stay connected to yourself so you don’t spiral into exhaustion — you’ll find boundless wisdom here to support you, right away.

Miniature practices create massive transformation.

And the best time to start? Is fresh, in the morning …



What if–even when you get up on the wrong side of the bed– you could easily reverse that to the right side of the bed, every day?

So you could move through your meetings and errands and carpools and random run-ins with your ex — feeling totally yourself. Vibrant. Centered. And maybe even a tad glowing.

Because how you start your day determines how you live it. And it all starts with a beautiful, doable morning ritual.

I promise you: a gorgeous & effective morning ritual doesn’t have to take 3 hours.

It’s so common (especially at the New Year) to plot out grandiose goals and extravagant routines. And you know how that goes, right? Come February or March, we’ve found them too hard to stick to. A phenomenal morning routine doesn’t do you any good if you can’t do it.

You really can create a beautiful, effective morning routine that you can stick with, day after day. In this mini-class I’ll share mine (and the ways I had to adapt it when navigating a major life crisis).

Here’s where to watch (or listen to) this video class and learn the simple morning routines I rely on to stay centered & glowy, every single day:

Listen on our podcast:

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Want support in weaving these  practices right into daily life, for ALL of 2017?

Here’s how….



Too busy to go on retreat? (But so busy, you really need one?)

Imagine yourself, 7 months from now, in July.

For once, you didn’t let all that New Year’s optimism fall by the wayside. You made yourself a priority, this year. You made time for meditation and random acts of selfishness. You meditated and stretched and relaxed enough to laugh like you haven’t, in years. You made time for tiny-but-profound daily rituals. In fact, you made feminine spiritual practice and self-care a sacred, devotional art, this year.

Why? Not just because you’re worth it. Not just because the world desperately needs you at your best.

But because you reached out and got the support you need to blaze your own trail home … to yourself.

The SHE School is a 9-month spiritual practice community to help you bring timeless practices into your busy, modern life. So you can evolve into the emotionally mature, confident, sexy, and whole woman that you truly are.

This is my signature program, and I couldn’t be more proud of it. Over 9 months, you’ll enjoy:

  • Mentoring from me and my certified assistants
  • Daily rituals and simple practices
  • Loving support and accountability as you place self-care and spiritual practice at the center of your life
  • Women’s yin and flow yoga
  • Meditation, shadow work, and tools for navigating challenging emotions
  • Support aligning with your feminine rhythms and cycles
  • Classes with guest teachers on sexuality, relationships, motherhood, business, finances, and so much more.
  • An elegant framework for transforming obstacles into opportunities to thrive (your Heroine’s Journey)
  • Bi-monthly yoga and meditation video retreats so it’s easy to take exquisitely good care of yourself, the whole year




If you’re inspired by my free, 4-part video class series, Chaotic Calm, you’ll ADORE the SHE School.

Over 9 months, you’ll receive mentoring, practices, teachings, and incredible support from me and the entire community as you integrate daily, weekly, and monthly rituals into your life … customized for your unique personality, goals, life situation, and available time.

The SHE School is the very best way to integrate the practices and principles you’ll discover in Chaotic Calm… right into your own busy and sacred life.

It’s the fullest evolution of my life’s work in yoga, meditation, lifestyle, and women’s spirituality and empowerment … and I can’t wait to share it with you.


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This spring, you’ll receive a complimentary seat in a new, online course I’m creating. In it, I’ll share the tools I used to undergo the inner alchemy of turning a tragedy into a chance to triumph.

Click here to join The SHE School before January 20, and receive this program for free!


Hello, beautiful. I’m Sara: a teacher of feminine spiritual and empowerment, author, and founder of The Way of the Happy Woman. I’m also the leader of The SHE School and the SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training. Here’s the truth: I don’t want to be your guru. But I am wholeheartedly devoted to guiding women back to their own, inner wisdom, through feminine spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, and a whole lotta love (and guts). This work is my truest calling and greatest joy. I’m so happy to have the chance to share it with you.

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