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Tomorrow’s a big day. Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

The potential for radical change looms…. from healthcare, to finances, to women’s and LGBT rights, to climate change.

Wherever we stand, how can we gather as a community to meet this moment–and uncover a sense of faith (and, dare I say, excitement!)–of our unpredictable future, together?

Here’s one way: tomorrow, I’m leading a free, live gathering to offer solace, support, and some contrarian cheerleading as we stand at the brink of The Great Unknown (more details about this mini-class below).

Also, I wanted to let you know that tomorrow, Friday, January 20, The SHE School’s early registration gift “Healing from Heartbreak: Tools to Triumph after a Separation, Loss or Betrayal,” (a $300+ value) also expires. If you register for The SHE School 2017 by tomorrow, you’ll receive a free seat in this brand-new course– debuting this spring. You can learn more about “Healing from Heartbreak” and join us here.

….Now onto the 3rd glimpse into “The Crisis” that I weathered in 2016 (See Part 1 here and Part 2 here). In today’s story, I share how I started on the long road to restoring trust in myself, my feminine wisdom, and life after a devastating betrayal.

It’s a microcosmic moment that offers insight into how we can work with what’s arising in the macrocosm, right now.


I waved a wand of sandalwood incense through the tea light’s flame, which flickered inside its glass votive.

Then I swished the smudge stick through, letting the smell of smokey sage carve out a tranquil pocket in the middle of my living room.

Sitting down on my black, buckwheat meditation cushion, I crossed my legs atop the sheepskin rug beneath them.

It was 6pm on an early April evening, and the days had just started to become noticeably longer. I’d had a rocky morning (was up tossing and turning for 3 hours in the middle of the night, per usual at the time), and I spent most of the day processing some heavy grief and fear flowing through me.

Still feeling rattled and uneasy, I nevertheless sat down to practice.

Everything around me felt unsettled. New apartment. New furniture (3 more weeks until the couch would arrive). No dog sitting next to me. No one to eat dinner with once the timer went off.

Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to veer from my formal meditation practice. In survival mode, I found that prayer, more than anything else, offered me shelter from the storms of my outer life and inner doubts.

Please, change me into a woman who knows how to triumph through this.

Please, show me my next right steps.

Please, give me the courage and faith I need to create the life that I long to live.

Please change me into a woman who trusts herself and others again.

Change me into a woman who believes that life has her back, that she’s worthy of love and happiness, and that the best is yet to come.

An inner knowing glowed deep in my belly, shining through piles of fear. Always one to go against the grain, I felt the burn of societal pressure as I was again entering the dating scene at the age of 38.

Then my SHE said: Sweet girl, the best is yet to come. Be patient. Your prayers are heard. Be where you are, feel all you need to feel, and know that what is yours will come to you.

Ding….30 minutes later the timer rang. I opened my eyes, feeling more calm inside as I embraced the empty silence of my new life.


We all have seasons in our lives where we feel like all hope is lost and we’re desperately groping in the dark.

We struggle with trusting the process of life and having faith that we can make the right decision.

We feel like we’re constantly both fighting off our inner voices that tell us we can’t do it whilst battling the fear to forge ahead to still claim what we want out of life.

If, like me, you’ve ever grappled with any of these things, please join me tomorrow for:



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In this mini-class, take refuge in the nourishing company of like-hearted women and learn:

  • Everyday ways to surrender and trust the process of your life, come hell and high water
  • How to live with true joy & calmness in the face of the truism that life is full of uncertainty and can knock you out at anytime
  • A meditation practice to empower you to make any decision from you deepest, wisest self
  • Ways to better hear your SHE (or your feminine intuition) to know irrefutably who you are and what you want in this life

Join us to access and trust the innermost part of you that knows the way forward, even when you feel lost, anxious, alone, and afraid.

These “Chaotic Calm” mini-classes give you tools for living from your confident center in tumultuous times. They also give you a taste of my teaching style and topics in The SHE School. Gentle, fierce (when needed), and refreshingly tailored for the feminine body, heart, and soul. Practices like these promise real freedom and personal power.

Because every woman’s path to healing and wholeness (a process that I call “The Heroine’s Journey”), begins with a crisis, it’s important that we have the community, practices, and teachings to help us through these tough times.

We can only become the phoenix, rising from the ashes, by reframing our “failures” as a doorways into the true joy, health, and fulfillment that we previously sought externally. Because when we love and believe in ourselves no matter what, we can face anything and be of true benefit to those around us. This is the promise that The SHE School delivers.

Like a wise girl friend, The SHE School, will guide you home to loving your body and trusting your intrinsic wisdom. Registration is now open (for a couple more weeks). We have a growing sisterhood of dedicated change-makers, from over a dozen countries and counting.

Who could you be and what could be possible if you put your own inner knowing, health, and happiness at the top of your list in 2017?

Click here to learn all about The SHE School 2017.

Remember, you have infinite wisdom within you. But none of it matters unless you take the time to listen to and live from it. I hope that, between now and the next time I write to you, you’ll gift yourself the space to do just that.


Hello, beautiful. I’m Sara: a teacher of feminine spiritual and empowerment, author, and founder of The Way of the Happy Woman. I’m also the leader of The SHE School and the SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training. Here’s the truth: I don’t want to be your guru. But I am wholeheartedly devoted to guiding women back to their own, inner wisdom, through feminine spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, and a whole lotta love (and guts). This work is my truest calling and greatest joy. I’m so happy to have the chance to share it with you.

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