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A Sexier, More Rebellious Way to Live & Practice with Jennifer Racioppi & Michelle Long

Community and connection. When I feel into what the guiding principles and values in my life are, these are the first two that come to mind.

I’m turning 40 later this year; and as I prepare to celebrate this milestone, I’m taking some time to reflect on the past couple of decades.

In my 20’s, I lived in Thailand. One of the things I loved most about my time there was the yoga community.

While tourists flocked to Chiang Mai (the city I used to call home), there was also a steady tribe of expats– those of us who stuck it out year-round. Not just through the breezy, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky days of the “high season,” but also through the sweaty, sweltering heat of April and the moldy, monsoon months of May through October.

The same, familiar faces would roll out their yoga mats in my 9am vinyasa classes.  Steve from San Diego, with his bald head and glasses. Esther from Telluride with her long, wavy black hair.

We’d honk at one another when we passed on our Honda Dream motorbikes. And, nearly daily, we’d eat green curry and brown rice together at our favorite watering hole.

A few months after I turned 30, I moved back to the U.S. That was when I decided to move my work online. Then, I could still connect with all the beautiful souls I met during my travels and time in Asia, while being based in the quieter and less transient town of Boulder, CO.

Ten years later, I realize: I do love connecting online. Sending these emails. Reading your comments on the blog and social media. Chatting in Facebook groups and meditating together over video webinars.

But there’s still nothing quite like in-person connection to really feel a strong sense of community.

That’s why today I’m excited to (for the second time this week!) do something a little bit differently on our podcast.

For the first time, I’m inviting two members of our community into a conversation with me– and all of you. Both are very cool women who are up to equally cool things in the world. If you haven’t met them already, it’s time you do.

Meet Jennifer Racioppi, a gifted astrologer and women’s coach. And Michelle Bloom, the owner of Bloom Retreat in the Bay Area. They both attended the SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training in California this past April.

In our conversation, we chat about:

  • How to shift away from a yoga & meditation practice that feels stuck, rigid, and forced to one that feels organic, flowing, and authentic
  • Ways to explore your sexuality in your spiritual practice so that you feel less “tight” in all areas of your life
  • Why Jenn renamed our training the “Mystic Rebels Gathering” (I love this!)
  • What shifts Jenn and Michelle experienced in the realms of career and motherhood as a result of letting go of all they had been taught about yoga & embracing their own truths

Listen in to the conversation with me, Jenn, and Michelle here.

I trust you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

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Jennifer Racioppi is an astrologer, holistic health counselor (AADP), success coach, and a Duke-certified integrative health coach who blends her expertise in business, positive psychology, and women’s health to coach high-achieving women reaching their next level of success. Her Lunar Logic philosophy integrates the deep wisdom of both science and astrology, helping women build a foundation of resilience, step into their authentic leadership, and stay faithful to their dreams. Her motto: “Success isn’t a race; it’s a rhythm.” You can find Jenn on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Michelle Long is the founder of The Practice®, a feminine yoga and spiritual practice based on connection and sisterhood. She is also the founder of Bloom Retreat, a yoga studio and wholeness center just for women in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been teaching yoga since 2003, has a Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Education, and has served and taught thousands of women in her studio since 2012. She is also a wife and mother who has lived through her share of hardships which shape her teaching philosophy for women. Michelle’s intention is to build communities of women where they are safe to unravel and show up just as they are—perfectly imperfect.

Thank you Jenn and Michelle! And thank you to all of you for being part of this community. As I prepare to step into a new decade, I hope that our paths can also cross in-person, too, to forge an even deeper connection. Life’s too short not to!

I hope that these summer podcast episodes have helped or inspired you in some way over this past week. I aim to always share what is useful for you–whether or not you wish to join the upcoming program.

Believe me, I know: even when our seeking is utterly sincere, it’s too easy to let yoga & meditation become one more outlet for our perfectionism, self-criticism, doubt, and shame.

That’s because we women wake up differently than men. But even though upwards of 90% of most yoga classes are all women, we’re still practicing as if we were teenage-boy gymnasts. (With slight modifications for those pesky feminine details.)

Being a woman isn’t a detail: it’s the profound, sacred heart of your embodied awakening. If you’re aching for a fresh, feminine approach to yoga & meditation (and entire life), you’re not alone. You deserve it. And if you teach? Your community deserves this from you, too.

Please join me and an intimate cohort of reverent rebels at my upcoming SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training. Think: less linear, more flux-flow. Less rigid discipline, more authentic devotion. Less bootcamp, more exquisite retreat.

Registration is now open for next year’s training in Thailand, but only until this Friday, July 21 and noon Pacific!

Until then, enjoy a $500 discount and 6-month payment plan– as well as 2 other gifts to help inspire your practice between now and when we meet in February.


If you’re called to deepen your practice and serve your community, click here to learn more about this rare training for women, by women, with women.

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