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How to Make a Sound Decision from Your Intuition

Last night I got a message from a girlfriend.

“I’m moving!” she exclaimed with girlish giddiness, “Next week! Eeeeek!”


When we saunaed together a couple of weeks ago, she (let’s call her Jane) gave me an update on the house she had just put an offer down on. A few months into her search, she was aiming to buy a place that she could rent out for a few months each year so she could winter on the coast.

Then something shifted for her– and quickly.

Jane realized she was settling.

Rather than taking the leap and really going for her dream of living by the ocean year-round, she was instead going to take the next, more rational step.

But as she scraped ice off the windshield of her car and stared at her pale, January complection in the bathroom mirror last Friday night, she asked herself, “What am I doing?!”

What Jane really wanted was to be walking her dog on the beach. Wearing cutoffs and tank tops. And shopping for homes amongst the palm trees.

All the hair on her body stood on end as she felt the resonance of this vision. She knew, undeniably, that it was time to leave Colorado. It was time to go for her dreams.

Now, Jane’s an anomaly amongst us women. And that’s too bad, if you ask me.

She’s the kind of woman who takes action on her inner knowing– once it rings loud and clear.

Most of us do the opposite. We ruminate over big decisions. We make lists of pros and cons. We ask for opinions. We map out exactly how we’re going to do it. And because the challenges associated with making the desired changes seem to great, we backpedal.

This process of hemming and hawing can take weeks, months– years, even. Sometimes it never stops and we trade our dreams for the security of the same-old, same-old.

I don’t want this for you, or for any of us.

I want us to be a tribe who, when we hold a clear desire in our hearts, has the guts and faith to go for it. Even if the “how” isn’t yet clear. Yes: especially then.

When you give too much space to the “how,” you crowd out the magic and miracles that always flow in when you live aligned with your truth.

The word “decision” stems from a latin root meaning “to cut off.” When we decide something, we literally cut ourselves off from other choices and actions.

The more quickly we can tune into our inner knowing and make a decision from it, the more steadfastly we’ll start to swim downstream.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I want you to hastily hurl yourself into precarious situations.

I want you to listen to your gut and then act on it– while maintaining unwavering faith in the benevolence of the universe. Then, watch the “how” reveal itself in ways you would least expect.

This is living on purpose. This is living true to who you are. This is living as a woman of deep faith, whose heart and mind are married and working in harmony and service to her highest potential.

This is my dream for Jane. For you. For me. For all of us.

Now, I’m not going to write out a list of “10 Steps to Follow Your Intuition.” Because, the truth is, you don’t need one. (I wrote something akin to that here last year.)

You know. You’ve always known. And you always will.

You’re born with intuition that’s perfectly intact and in complete resonance with your wellbeing.

The instant someone or something comes into your awareness, you intuitively know whether or not he/she/it’s aligned with you.

Only when you allow the opinions of others (or your beliefs, doubts, and past experiences) to interfere, do you muck things up.

As the saying goes, “First thought, best thought.”

With The SHE School & SHE Leadership Circle starting in a few days, you don’t need me to tell you more about the programs.

That wise source within you already knows whether joining is in service of your wellbeing or not.

Listen to your intuition. And then act on it– in either direction.

Trust that the “how” of the next steps will unfold in perfect timing when you do.

This is a universal law. It’s time we align with it. Let’s get to it and live our most powerful lives NOW.

Now, I’m off to a farewell dinner for Jane. I’m excited to cheer her on as she steps into the current that will carry her to her destiny.

Make we all have the gumption to do the same!

If your intuition says “Yes!” “Hell Yes!”

Here’s where to join The SHE School & SHE Leadership Circle 2018.

I’ll see you in our first class this Thursday, February 1!


Hello, beautiful. I’m Sara: a teacher of feminine spiritual and empowerment, author, and founder of The Way of the Happy Woman. I’m also the leader of The SHE School and the SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training. Here’s the truth: I don’t want to be your guru. But I am wholeheartedly devoted to guiding women back to their own, inner wisdom, through feminine spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, and a whole lotta love (and guts). This work is my truest calling and greatest joy. I’m so happy to have the chance to share it with you.

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