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Overcoming Our Addiction to Experts

“I felt like it was a personal call,” she shared with me when we spoke on the phone last October.

“Your questions helped me clarify a lot. I’m ready to step into a new version of myself and my business. I feel a real opening. And it’s very scary.”

I stayed quiet on the other end of the line, listening as I watched the candle flame dance inside its glass, hurricane holder on my desk.

Kate continued: “I’m ready for expansion. I want to take my ideas seriously. They’ve been going on for a long time in my head. I really want to make them happen.”

One of the women who applied for a leadership mentoring session with me last fall, Kate was ready to answer the call– for herself, other women, her community, and all whom she would one day serve.

Yet, despite her conviction, she also nursed some serious doubts.

“I’m worried that, if I expand, I won’t be able to handle the workload. Will it be too overwhelming for my nervous system?” she asked.

Still staying quiet to really hear her, I let Kate continue.

“I mean, who am I to do this thing? I’m nobody. I’m not special,” she admitted.

I felt her shrink on the other end of the line.

“But the wave is so strong. Somehow, I feel like I don’t really have a choice anymore,” she concluded.

Kate and I spoke for a little while longer; and, after we hung up, I didn’t hear from her again. I honestly don’t know who ended up winning that inner tug of war– Kate’s conviction or her doubt.

She was right when she said she’s not special, but not in the way that she meant. Kate’s not special in that she suffers under the tyranny of this tug of war. It’s exhausting. And every woman that I have a chance to speak to in our community, and even most of my girlfriends and female colleagues, are engaged in the very same inner war.

I’m certainly no stranger to it either. That’s why I can speak to it so well.

The revolution for us as women right now lives in hearing, trusting, and acting on our conviction. It’s not enough to just hear our intuition. It’s not enough to just sorta kinda trust it. We need the full triumvirate, regardless of our doubts or what anyone else says.  

I’ve stumbled into deep, dark holes because I gave my power away by not embracing this triumvirate. I don’t want that to happen to you, and that’s why I’m deepening my commitment in making sure as many women as possible really live this.

You’re invited into a deeper conversation about building unshakable self-trust in episode 4 of our podcast mini-series: Disrupting the Divine Feminine.



Our intuition was educated out of us when we were very young. Our parents told us to listen to them rather than to how we felt. Now we look to Google for advice instead of into our own hearts and minds, and we’re paying a big price.

Isn’t it time you get the education in self-trust that you never got?

In today’s SHE Talk, I share:

  • Why you need to stop asking for (and giving) advice
  • How we’ve become a culture that’s addicted to experts
  • What steps you can take to restore trust in your own inner knowing
  • The key to business success that no one’s teaching
  • What a real, wild woman looks like in 2018…and how you, too, can be that free

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Sisters, don’t let another day (week, month, year) go by letting your doubts overrule your dreams. Do the spiritual strength training required to answer your inner call.

I created The SHE School (and it’s upper-level, business mastermind group: The SHE Leadership Circle) because I needed them.

I looked everywhere and couldn’t find the training I needed to hone and live by my intuition– in life or in business.

Information is everywhere these days. But if information were all that we needed to really thrive, we’d all be winning BIG right now! The truth is, we need way more than information. We need daily practices that cultivate wisdom. Wisdom is where the gold lies.

In the SHE School, you’ll get the mentoring, practices, and sisterhood you need to strike gold in your life.

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Stop letting your fears and doubts run the show. Join the revolution and learn to trust your inner wisdom. Become a woman who lives her truth and feels alive, joyful, and free.

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Hello, beautiful. I’m Sara: a teacher of feminine spiritual and empowerment, author, and founder of The Way of the Happy Woman. I’m also the leader of The SHE School and the SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training. Here’s the truth: I don’t want to be your guru. But I am wholeheartedly devoted to guiding women back to their own, inner wisdom, through feminine spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, and a whole lotta love (and guts). This work is my truest calling and greatest joy. I’m so happy to have the chance to share it with you.

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