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Our Only Problem & Its Solution

During a road trip last week (as Sadie panted nervously in the backseat), I listened to one of Marianne Williamson’s seminars on A Course in Miracles.

I’ve long been a student of the Course, toting the tome’s slick, navy cover and crinkly, Bible-like pages with me on retreats, into new homes, and across continents. But only in the past couple of years has it become both an indispensible staple in my morning practice and a safeguard of my sanity.

A self-study, spiritual thought system that teaches forgiveness as the road to happiness and inner peace, the Course advocates a way of viewing the world that is a 180-degree shift from our current, fear-based mode of thinking.

One of its teachings is: We think we have many problems, but we only have one–our separation from God.

God lives within all of us. You may know His/Her voice as your intuition, your SHE, the Universe, your Higher Power, or Love.

The Course also teaches that the moment any problem appears, so too does its solution, for God holds the answers to every problem. Seeing the solution requires a willingness to see things differently through a path of atonement.

Yes: the answers to all our problems live within us.

You know this. Even though it was educated out of you, you were bornknowing this. You’ve heard it here– and in countless other places– for years.

It can take a while for us women to really get this, as it was this knowing for which our ancestors (the witches, or “wise women”) were burned at the stake.

If God lives within us, we don’t need to rely on externals to fulfill our deepest longings. We know we’re unlimited. We know we’re entitled to miracles. We know we, and everyone around us, were created in God’s image, as Love itself.

Starting with the Inquisition roughly eight hundred years ago, women were stripped of their partnership with men and of our stewardship of the earth. We were forced to become property– necessary only for sex, householding, and mothering. Our other gifts and contributions were effaced.

Yes, due to the tireless tolling of a small population of courageous women, the Patriarchy has let us back “in,” but not in the way that we once freely served and soared.

The ever-increasing problems we’re experiencing in the world right now are a direct result of this long-standing imbalance.

Today, we cannot underestimate the toll that the “Inner Patriarch” within each of us continues to exact. Ten women for every one man suffers an autoimmune disease. Ten to one! Why are we not questioning this? Why are we not appalled by this?!

We not only sabotage ourselves with eating disorders, anti-aging obsessions, or incessant self-criticism, but our bodies are now mirroring society’s unconscious (and sometimes conscious) mysogyny, as well as our own our warring thoughts that constantly attack us. Our bodies are trying to wake us up.

Imagine how powerful we women could be if we directed all of that energy we put towards hurting, hating, and doubting ourselves (not to mention projecting our own self-hatred onto other women) and started directing it towards real connection and change.

Do you see how this, too, has been part of the plan to keep us disempowered? If we’re always wrapped up in how inadequate we are, we’re not going to use our voices and actions to advocate for our worthiness.

If you’re reading these words right now, you’re part of the solution.

There’s no sugar coating this: we are very likely entering into one of the darkest times  most of us have ever seen.

The time has come to rectify this great imbalance and to restore harmony on this planet.

All of us are needed. Legions of men, women, and children plugged into the power of Love.

As women, we are called to be the leaders of this crusade. We are mothers to all the children in the world. This planet is our home.

Admit: regular life no longer exists for us. Splash your face with cold water and do some jumping jacks if you need to.


Throw out your tendency towards avoidance, resistance, and Snow White sleepiness. We don’t need girls playing dress up here. We need women. We don’t need princesses waiting to be saved. We need queens.

You can turn to God’s truth within you for guidance and protection at the start of each day (or any time you have a question about what to do), or you can contribute to the problem by living like an insane person and heading out into the chaos of the world without first plugging yourself into Source.

The latter is the equivalent of trying to make your morning smoothie without first plugging in the Vitamix. If you do that, you just have a soupy glob of coconut milk, blueberries, and protein powder. Useless.

We always have free will. You can choose to stay asleep. Or you can choose to play a bigger game by communing with your Creator every morning and then heading out into the world to amplify your part in turning this global Titanic around.

The choice is yours. Decide wisely.

(You may not think I’m talking to you. I am. You may not think your presence matters. It does.)



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