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How to Be an Awe-Inspiring Woman (& A Year of SHE is Open!)

Dear community,

I’m concerned about what’s unfolding in the field of women’s spirituality these days. One of the dangers I’m seeing is the rise of “spiritual dabblers.”

This is flitting from one “spiritual” thing to the next, without going deep and committing to a grounded knowledge base and consistent practice.

Lighting a candle, holding a crystal, burning sage, or having a new moon ritual are not spiritual practices.

They’re great additions to one; but, when used alone, they’re merely forms of idolatry.

All the answers to all our problems live inside us. To heal the world, each of us needs to play our part in listening to and then acting on this inner guidance.

Even though it’s the most pleasurable and profound experience one can ever have, we still have tremendous resistance to turning to the blazing truth within us.

I’ve been beating my drum about this for years, and this year is no exception. In fact, now I’m beating it even more loudly.

We’re living in serious times that require serious, spiritual practice. This requires daily prayer and meditation– and, ideally, conscious embodiment and self-study.

Back in 2011, I created a year-long program to support women in developing (and maintaining) a daily, spiritual practice. At that time, it was the Red Tent, then it was The SHE School.

This year it’s evolving into A Year of SHE: A 12-month women’s spiritual practice community, with a mastermind component called The SHE Leadership Circle (to translate spiritual insight into serving others).

Through metabolizing some significant challenges over the past few years, I’ve both grown and been humbled. I’ve leaned on my own practice more heavily than ever before. My understanding of the Universe has evolved and expanded.

In order to be in integrity with my new insights and practices, I needed to update what I’m teaching. This year’s programs reflect these new changes, while still building upon the foundation we’ve laid up until now.

A Year of SHE will start on January 1 and end on December 31 (because we truly need 365 days of practice to create a strong, spiritual foundation in our lives).

The times we’re living in require those of us in spiritual communities to up our game, go deeper, and serve bigger in the world. Let’s be that kind of community.

A Year of SHE & the SHE Leadership Circle will help you with all this. If you’re ready to bring more rigor (while having fun!) to your spiritual life, early registration opens today.

You can learn all about these updated programs here.

And, as always, to honor the opening of this program, I’m sharing a new series on my podcast called “Dakini’s Den.”

In Tibetan Buddhism, Dakinis are manifestations of Awakening appearing in feminine form. Each of the SHE Talks in this series is an excerpt from the “Dakini’s Den” classes I taught in the 2018 program (a favorite new addition for us all!).

Today’s episode is all about shedding limitations to uncovering the the blazing light of truth within you. In it, I share two stories that inspire me a lot. One is from Native Americans and the other is from Buddhism.

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And, if A Year of SHE & the SHE Leadership Circle feel like the right spiritual home for you in 2019, I can’t wait to welcome you.

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