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There’s something so healing about being near the water. The sound of the waves, the salty smell, the wind, and the way all of these make me feel softer and more fluid inside. I’ve been blessed to spend this past week on the Caribbean sea.

In just a couple days, I’ll welcome women to the SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training in Tulum, Mexico. I’m excited to see everyone!

There’re so many things that I love about retreats– both taking and teaching them. To start, while it can be hard at first, unplugging is a godsend. Then there’s long walks in nature, more time for yoga, yummy food that I don’t have to cook, and silence to replace the constant chatter in my head.

But I think what I find most valuable about retreat time is the chance to mold my mind. I’ve learned over the years just how powerful my mind is. I can create heaven or hell around me, depending upon my thoughts. A Course in Miracles teaches that every thought creates form on some level. Can we just take that in for a moment?

On retreat, after a few consecutive days of being quiet, moving more slowly, resting, staying off my phone/computer, and meditating a lot, my mind starts to slow down. Rather than being a victim to my unconscious program, I can begin to see my thoughts, one at a time.

Then I can choose: Is this a thought I want to think? Who will I be tomorrow if I think this thought today? What will my life look like a year from now if I think this other thought instead?

While I do feel it’s imperative for each of us to go on retreat at least once a year, I know that time may not be right now for you. So, today on my podcast, I’m sharing an excerpt of a talk I gave in this year’s SHE School, all about the power of our minds.

It’s worthwhile to take some understanding how the Universe (and your mind) works so that your life can work better. Wouldn’t you agree?

Listen to today’s SHE Talk here:

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In addition to gifting you a slice of “retreat time” in your day, this talk is also a taste of what I’ll be teaching next year in A Year of SHE: A 12-Month Women’s Spiritual Practice Community (and its mastermind level, the SHE Leadership Circle).

After a lovely group of women joined us during the early bird window last month, today marks the beginning of the regular registration window. For the next two weeks, I’ll be welcoming women into this new, expanded version of the former Red Tent and SHE School, before we officially begin on January 1.

To read all about this program, including the new things I added to it (Making art! A Course in Miracles! Live yoga videos!), please visit the course page here.  

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