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My Private Obsession: Here’s How It Can Help You Create A Better Life

Confession: I’m obsessed with sticky notes. They’re super practical, fast, and not at all fancy. 

I scribble notes on them as I listen to a podcast or read a book. My nightstand, computer, journals, and kitchen cabinets are peppered with them. (When someone comes over, I tear them off the cabinets– there’s a lot!– so I don’t look like too much of a crazy person). 

These sticky notes are filled with what I call “Empowering Thoughts & Questions.” You see, I believe that the quality of our lives are determined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves and by the quality of the thoughts we think. 

Over the past few years, I’ve been doing psychic surgery on myself (at least more intensively than ever before)– uprooting thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) that limit me and keep me stuck in painful patterns. In their place, I’m leaving more empowered ones. These open me to greater possibilities, creativity, and a fuller, truer expression of who I am. 

Starting today, I’ll be sharing some of these Empowering Thoughts & Questions on my social media platforms…in their natural habitat, the sticky note. I won’t quite post one a day (I do love my freedom), but I will post close to that. 

It feels appropriate to start this collection now, as we’re moving into the darkest time of the year (in my neck of the world). We could all also use a little extra inspiration right now. 

Plus, this is part of my experiment in sharing the deepest, most intimate part of my life with you– my spiritual practice– and of finding a way to engage on social media that feels more inspiring and sustainable. 

May these sticky notes help to empower your days and inspire some deeper thinking in an oftentimes shallow, fast-paced world. 

You can see them on my Instagram and Facebook profiles, starting today.   





  • Are you in the Chicago area this weekend, craving some soul replenishment?  I’m leading a half-day autumn retreat with a dharma talk, yin yoga, meditation, journaling, and women’s circle practices to help you slow down and attune with the wisdom of this colder, darker season. I’d love to see you! Register here.
  • 2018 is quickly coming to a close. Do you want to put a foundation in place for 2019 that will support you in cultivating more spaciousness, self-trust, and inner power? Or one that will allow you to align your spiritual practice with your career in a way that’s creative, sincere, and effective?

Next week early registration opens for my new year-long women’s spiritual practice community & mastermind (the new expressions of the former SHE School & Red Tent). I’ve been working on these changes for a while and am excited to share them with you! 

I’ll do that through a new series on the podcast called “Dakini’s Den.” In Tibetan Buddhism, Dakinis are manifestations of Awakening appearing in feminine form. Dakini’s Den was the name of the monthly class and Dharma talk I offered to this year’s SHE School & SHE Leadership Circle. 

These talks were a favorite for women in the program, so I look forward to sharing some excerpts with you on the podcast starting next week!

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