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A Peek Inside My Leadership Mastermind

I’m only speaking to only a handful of you today (you know who you are).

I’m talking to you if you keep saying “I want to put my work out there”– but continue making excuses not to.

I’m talking to you if you’re feeling deadened by your self-doubt, fear (of not being good enough-still!), and lack of direction or clarity about to “get there” and make it happen.

Maybe you moan: “I get so easily overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin!”

You’ve been choosing to stay in hiding, attempting to figure it out inside your own head.  

You also don’t resonate with a lot of the ways you see online marketing happening, but still want to be smart and effective.


You’re so tired of avoiding your own soul–Her calling, Her voice.

You know in your guts that this is what you came here to do.

If you were to die tomorrow feeling that you haven’t fully offered yourself and your gifts, you’d feel so much regret.

You want to serve and impact more people more profoundly.

You want abundant financial return to help support you (and possibly also your family) so you can live with ease, possibility, and adventure.

If you resonate with any of this, today’s conversation is for you.

I’m inviting you to be a fly on the wall in my virtual mastermind, the SHE Leadership Circle.

Last week, I sat down to chat with three (amazing!) women from this year’s circle: Lori Mihalich-Levin, global law firm partner/author/founder of “The Mindful Return”; Amelia Barrett, a yoga therapist/neurologist; and Lotus Baker, a stay-at-home mom turned yoga/art studio owner.

We spoke about the biggest obstacles they overcame in their careers this past year, wonderful opportunities they created as a result of investing in themselves, how the SHE Leadership Circle helped them get where they are, and why they almost didn’t join (but were so glad they did).

Because I know you’ll get a lot out of our conversation, I hit “record” while we spoke and published it on the podcast today.

Here’s where to listen & peek inside my Leadership Mastermind:

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In 2019, I’m offering the SHE Leadership Circle for the second time. The “upper tier” to A Year of SHE, this mastermind has limited space and is available by application only.

(Plus, there’s a generous financial discount for women who join the mastermind by Friday, November 16.)

If you want “in” on the 2019 program before then, learn more about The SHE Leadership Circle here.

If you’re ready to go, apply here.

And, if doubt (or curiosity) are stirring, listen to today’s podcast.

Whether it’s this leadership program or another one, please don’t let another year go by without investing and believing in your gifts. The world needs you!

“I felt so held in the SHE Leadership Circle that I gave myself permission–for the first time in decades –to listen, to be, and to not do!

My project is unfolding in its own time and I’ve learned to reap the harvest in the moment, love what’s there, and create from the space of possibility. . . . I feel peace, acceptance, and openness. The sessions with Sara are worth it in spades– and you have the benefit of a group of amazing women, with whom you can share a slice of life. You’ll live your life anyway – why not enhance it with a sacred and powerful container for the journey?” 

Cynthia McGrath 

“A lot of leadership principles really came together for me after taking this course. 

I had a ‘leadership coach’ a number of years ago, and I remember at the time wondering why what she was teaching me was ‘leadership’ (as it didn’t fit what I originally thought of us chest-pounding hierarchical, positional authority).

It struck me that at the beginning of the SHE Leadership program, I also had a similar feeling of ‘Well, this is great coaching, but not sure why she called it the SHE Leadership program.’ 

I SO get it now. Thank you for encouraging me to stretch and grow these skills that truly do make me a better leader!” 

Lori Mihalich-Levin 
Founder of Mindful Return and Partner at Global Law Firm 
Washington D.C.

“Thanks so many times over!!!

The SHE Leadership Circle was a huge gift to me, and I really appreciate all the time and energy you have devoted to assembling these resources and being a catalyst for growth for women. You are indeed a quiet fire starter!!” 

Amelia Barrett 
MD, RYT-200 
Neurologist and Yoga Therapist 
Denver, Colorado


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