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The Year of the Woman & A Year of SHE

Last week, a record 35 new women won seats in the House of Representatives here in the U.S– and most of these women are replacing men. This beat a previous high set in 1992! For the first time in history, there will be at least 101 women in the House of Representatives.

Among the women elected were: two Muslim-American congresswomen, two Native American congresswomen, two Hispanic congresswomen from Texas, the first black congresswoman from Massachusetts, the first black congresswoman from Connecticut, and the youngest woman elected to Congress.

This is a HUGE celebration! And it has been a long time coming, giving us a glimpse into what lies ahead.

It’s time for us women to start talking about more serious things than our smoothies. It’s time for us to take all our power, wisdom, and love and not just turn it towards ourselves and our families.

Self-care was an important skill for us to learn, but now it’s time to graduate to the next level. It’s time to also turn our care outwards to our communities, countries, and world.

To do this, we need a steel foundation. We need an unbreakable bond between us and the Divine. This is where real strength, perseverance, and courage come from.

As the Dalai Lama said, “To save the world we must have a plan. But no plan will work unless we meditate.”

To be the women we need to be and create the world we long to create, we need to get serious about our spiritual lives. Our connection to the Divine must be the center of everything we do.

When we begin our days in silent prayer and meditation, we can get out of our own way and tune into who we’re meant to be and what we’re meant to do, in relationship to the greater good.

This is exactly what we’ll do in 2019 in A Year of SHE, and it’s mastermind level, the SHE Leadership Circle.

These programs will prime us to thrive and serve during this incredible time in history.

Early registration for A Year of SHE & the SHE Leadership Circle: A 12- Month Women’s Spiritual Practice Community and Mastermind ends today.

Learn more & enroll here.

After today, our early registration window will close … and you won’t be able to receive these early registration gifts, designed to support you now, before our 12-month journey officially begins on January 1:

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  • Year-End Virtual Retreat with me on Tuesday, December 11: In honor of the Virgen de Guadalupe’s day, I’ll guide you through the end-of-year rituals I always do, including clarifying journaling prompts, intention-setting, and how I literally map out my dreams on the calendar.


  • The Women’s Yoga Kit: One of our bestselling products, this is now no longer available anywhere else. Includes Yin and Flow yoga sequences & short meditations to soothe, balance, and empower you this holiday season (and everyday).

  • The Women’s Meditation Kit : Whether you’re brand-new to meditation or hoping to deepen your practice, these 5 guided, audio meditations will help you cultivate mindful presence and the qualities of the awakened heart-mind: loving-kindness, sympathetic joy, equanimity, and compassion.


  • Life Design Resources – A Digital Guide:  My curated guide of apps, meditation and yoga resources, foods and supplements, software, and handy odds ’n ends that I rely on to keep me sane and productive in my personal and professional life.



  • When you apply for The SHE Leadership Circle before tomorrow, you’ll receive all of the above, plus a generous financial discount. Apply to the mastermind here.


Your intuition is already telling you what to do. Listen in.

Is 2019 your year to reclaim your clipped wings and soar?

Register for the A Year of SHE & the SHE Leadership Circle here.

Now in it’s 8th year, I’m excited about all the new changes I’ve brought to this program and can’t wait to share them with you!

(Still have questions? See what A Year of SHE & the SHE Leadership Circle are all about (including a FAQ page) right here.)

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