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39 | Surviving divorce, empty nest & cancer within two years with Lisa Brown

We all know the adage that good (and bad) things come in threes.

But what about when they come in fours? That’s when a “perfect storm” strikes and the universe is demanding that we radically transform ourselves– and our entire lives.

Meet Lisa Brown, a long time sister in our community, who’s opening her arms in a big “yes” to her own perfect storm.

A few years ago, Lisa came to me as a one-on-one SHE Mentoring clients because, out of the blue, her husband of two decades asked her for a divorce. On top of this, she was preparing for her eldest son to go off to college, while grappling with the massive physiological and identity shifts of menopause. She was IN IT.

In preparation for this podcast series, I remembered Lisa’s journey with loss and heartbreak (and how impressed I was with how consciously she was facing it). So I asked if she’d like to be interviewed about it now, a couple of years later.

My email landed in her life during a very liminal time– she was in hospice with her mother, who had been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer just a few weeks before.

Today, Lisa’s speaking to us just days after her mother’s death. Listen into the fourth and final interview in this series to learn how Lisa is unflinchingly allowing a series of unexpected tragedies to morph her into the woman she was born to be.

Lisa’s story reminds us: Time doesn’t heal all wounds. You do. Because heartbreak is a form of death, it often carries you straight into your core wounds — still bleeding, all these years later. It invites you to heal them once and for all. Heartbreak is shattering, but, if you embrace it, like Lisa, you can piece yourself back together more whole and holy than ever before.

In a handful of days, my new 4-week immersion, “Healing from Heartbreak: Transform through the Wild Wisdom of Grief” begins. Don’t just break down — break through. Coming from the depths of my own soul, this feels like the most potent thing I’ve ever created. You’re not going to want to miss it. We start June 7.

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