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Sara offers one-on-one consulting to women who are wanting to expand professionally, in ways that are sustainable and true to their soul’s callings. She has worked with lawyers, fashion designers, neurologists, coaches, psychotherapists, authors, women’s leadership experts, and more.

By application only. Email us here and tell us a little bit about yourself, your business, and where you’re wanting to go. 


A day-long one-on-one immersion with Sara in her home to clarify your vision, align with your values, and create a plan to move towards your dreams.

By application only. Email us here and tell us a little bit about yourself, your business, and where you’re wanting to go. 

“Transformative, empowering, grounding…Thanks to the SHE Mentoring, I am now able to tap into that quiet voice inside (my SHE) and let her guide and calm me. Today, I have a deep sense of peace and joy that I’ve never had before. 

I trust that voice, instead of quickly dismissing it like I did before. My life now feels so much more expansive and exciting, and the possibilities feel endless…

I feel deeply OK with not knowing how things will work out and just know that so long as I’m making decisions that feel good inside of myself, then I’m exactly where I need to be and am doing what I need to do.

Consider the SHE mentoring as the beginning of something big and beautiful that will become an established part of your life and who you are.”

Elizabeth Herendeen

Montana, USA

“It allowed me to step into some really difficult scenarios and it helped me find my voice, honesty, authenticity.

It’s great to know you have this dedicated time with a mentor on a monthly basis. Also to know that Sara has lived through so much that she is really mentoring you for a body centred place and not through a coaching strategy(quick fix). It was a really safe and held space to be heard and seen. I would definitely recommend if you are in a specific transition or perhaps stepping into a new project. ”

Jenny Harries

Herefordshire, United Kingdom

“Having Sara’s intuitive guidance, her heartfelt and artful approach to mentoring, on top of having her resourceful book, made for an incredible mentoring recipe that I feel blessed to have experienced.”

“Working with Sara provided me with a powerful new lens through which to view myself and my life by seeing how I was resisting and denying aspects of my femininity that were needing to come out and play.  Looking through the big SHE lens, I was able to end some patterns that were holding me back with ease and understanding.  I see that shift in all parts of my life – I look at challenges and opportunities through big SHE eyes and I feel that I come from a place of power, centering, honoring, and simply being my greatest self.”


francescacervero“Investing in this kind of support for this particular kind of work is the most valuable gift you could give to yourself and your loved ones.”

“Wow! Through my work with Sara I created real and meaningful change in such a short time. I felt held and supported by Sara. I now feel like I have a role model for what strength in the divine feminine looks like. Having such intimate support to do deep inner work allowed me to take my spiritual practices to the next level. I am more centered, more grounded, and I have much more faith and trust in my own inner wisdom. At the end of our 6 months of mentoring, I feel so much more full, energetic, and connected to myself on a deep level. I ended a very serious relationship, one that I really never thought I would be able to end. I have much less noise and inner criticism taking up space in my mind. I’ve found new ways to do and to offer all that I want to, from a much more peaceful, soft, grounded, easy place. Getting this kind of support is the best thing you could do for yourself, your family, your students, and your business.

Francesca Cervero

Founder and Director at Francesca Cervero Yoga and Wellness, Washington, D.C.

Last year, I found myself feeling very unhappy and unsettled in general, with work, health, relationship, and desperately trying to figure out my truth and my true calling.

On the surface everything was fine, but inside there was so much turbulence and couldn’t for the life of me figure it all out, not with all the yoga and meditation in the world.  That’s where Sara came in.

She held up a mirror to me and made me look at myself and see for real what I was doing and how I was perpetuating some toxic patterns and thoughts. Sara put me face to face with myself, so I found that I could no longer hide behind what was ‘easy’ or ‘convenient’.  She forced me to ‘get real’ and stop lying to myself. As a consequence, I have since resigned from a job that was draining my heart and soul on every level, and making the firm decision that whatever I do moving forward needs to be driven from a true and authentic place.  In effect, I’ve not been this happy and relaxed and aligned in years.

This is not an immediate fix for anyone’s issues, but is instead a deep and profound journey, that she helps guide you on.  Drawing on a lot of feminine wisdom, Sara’s mentoring sessions will shine a light on all that is a woman’s essence and really help you look inside to find your own answers.  You cannot come out this experience unchanged.”

Rana Khoury; Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rana Khoury

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

lauraburkette “Soulful, Deep, Life-affirming…”

“Before applying for mentorship with Sara I was feeling apprehensive about the investment. But the decision became clear after settling into myself and my heart: Here is a woman who has done the deep work that life has been inviting me into and she has lived to tell the tale. All women need a wise woman in their lives that can guide them and hold the long view for them. I knew that Sara would be this woman for me.

My work with Sara began in the midst of a health crisis that left me disoriented and fearful. This crisis was pointing to parts of myself that had been buried for many years that were screaming for attention. Sara helped normalize and guide me through the painful process beginning to integrate these lost parts of myself. One of the biggest changes I underwent during my time with Sara was an increase in and faith in my own emotional endurance – my ability to stay with and navigate the soulful expressions and fluctuations of my inner world as a woman.

Laura Burkette

Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Counselor, Grand Rapids, MI

laurafragiacomo“If your instinct tells you to sign up, even if other, more superficial voices tell you not to, SIGN UP! It’s well worth the investment..”

“Empowering, supportive, profound, soulful, ‘tough love’…..

At the beginning of our sessions, I knew how to change my life in order to fulfill my deepest desires. However, the individual attention I got from Sara helped pushed me step by step to take concrete actions to change my life.

Through our sessions, I learned how to acknowledge my fear and use it as my medicine, to walk alongside it, while still taking action.

I found the courage to request a year’s special leave from my job, I went for IVF treatment and got pregnant (expecting a girl in a few weeks), I moved to Italy where I’ve also found a new love, and where I hope to build a more permanent community of like-minded women – all are visions coming true that were sparked or supported through my mentoring with Sara.

Laura Fragiacomo

Trieste, Italy

“My session with Sara was very effective and powerful. I was obviously ready for the mentoring and the main outcome has been that it is much easier for me to be in dialogue with my inner child since then. The practice hasn’t always been easier, but I am so much more confident that what I am doing in the dialogue is both effective and worth persisting with. I rate my session a ‘5,’ assuming this is the highest!”

Christine Meadows

Kristyn-McNear“…I feel safe to feel into my connection to the Divine Feminine”

“I realized that every woman needs a mentor. Sara is woman you want to know. She has a lot to offer. Not only are her teachings extremely valuable but her presence is healing to the feminine.  During our time together, I learned to start valuing my needs and wants. I had a hard time connecting to the Divine Feminine inside or outside of me before and now I feel safe to feel into my connection to the Divine Feminine.”

Kristyn McNear

Graduate Student at Naropa University, Boulder, CO

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