Revealing the key to your womanhood through the magic of your monthly cycles

A Whole New Kind of Women’s Movement.

Sara Avant StoverHi there, beautiful women. I’m Sara Avant Stover, the author of the best-selling book The Way of the Happy Woman. I’m also a yogini, teacher, and mentor to thousands of women around the world. My passion is helping women reclaim the sources of their greatest power and insight.

One of the most profound sources of our power is the very thing that we, as women, are taught to turn away from and ignore. I like to say it’s the “M’s” — our menarche and menopause, menses and moods.

If you have a simple question or minor problem with your cycle, you may be missing the deeper question and profound answers hidden within it. Freedom from self-sabotage, procrastination, creative blocks, emotional eating, painful cycles, and paralyzing self-doubt lie at the very heart of your own cycle.

Let’s see what’s there for you!

What is “Reversing Our ‘Curse’”?

An Online Immersion

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At our best, we work, play, and live “putting up with” menstruation and menopause. At our worst, we consider it a ‘curse’. Either way, we’re missing the true power and grace that our cycles gift us every single month. We don’t have the infrastructure of support to recognize that our cycles are not isolated events.

They are part of an interconnected web in the totality of who we are, and more importantly, who we can be. No matter if you’re an in-the-world entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom, or a healer moving into her golden years, this program will ground you in the most powerful part of yourself.

Reversing Our ‘Curse’ has different themes, extended over 5 initiations:

Reversing Our ‘Curse’ is designed to bring you back into harmony with your cycles.

Our Periods Are Not a ‘Curse’

Far from it. It turns out that when we are in harmony with our cycles, our world gets a whole lot easier. Less stressful and more playful. Increased fertility of mind and body. Greater creativity and joy. Heightened intuition, self-confidence, and sense of personal power. And fuller reserves of energy, sexuality, and overall vibrancy. When you’re in harmony with your cycles, you can:

Reversing Our ‘Curse’ is About Every Part of You…

This online immersion is designed to allow you to reclaim the deepest parts of your femininity. We’ll dive into what you can do to harness your deepest gifts, even in the midst of a (very) busy life and at any age and season of life. We’ll explore each of the following areas of your inner and outer worlds for optimal feminine health, happiness, and wisdom:

… And ROC is Especially About Your Spirit

Most courses and programs on menstruation and menopause teach the things you can do externally for yourself. We will certainly cover these, from foods to supplements to lifestyle and physical practices. But there is a truth about being a Goddess, sisters: the Goddess bleeds.  

This is expressed through the Dark Feminine who lives within you, and who gets very strong for a few days each month. When she is ignored, she sabotages you with PMS, self-doubt, viscous inner criticism, and a life deeply out of touch with what’s around you. When you learn to listen to her, she becomes a powerful ally in life, in business, in parenting, and in partnerships.

It’s Not Just About Us. It’s About ALL of Us.

We’re Giving Back.

AfripadsMillions of girls living in developing countries skip up to 20% of the school year simply because they cannot afford to buy sanitary products. This has enormous consequences on their potential.

If you register for this course, you will sponsor an African girl to receive a complete AFRIpads kit that will supply her with re-usable cotton pads for the entire year, through the Vancouver-based company Luna Pads.

Reversing Our ‘Curse’ Includes:

During Our Journey, You’ll Have Access to These Resources:

This is My Passion & My Purpose. The Culmination of the Last 13 Years of My Life.

You deserve to live this feminine wisdom that can change every part of your life! Reversing Our ‘Curse’ is for any woman who is ready to take charge of her own life, in a deeply feminine way.

The Full Course:

Initiation 1 | Reclaiming the Dark Feminine and Loving Our Disowned, Shadow Selves

Discover and integrate the creative genius and irresistible power of your darkest parts.

Initiation 2 | Healing Our Shame and Uncovering the Hidden Truth of PMS

Trade in the taboos you’ve inherited about your monthly cycles. Gain the wise-woman skills to decipher your Soul’s secret callings hidden inside PMS, using it as fuel for your grandest life vision and highest expression of yourself.

Initatation 3 | Period Power: Channeling the Red-Robed Goddess (YES! Because the Goddess Bleeds!)

Discover why the key to your greatest creativity, rejuvenation, intuition, and empowerment comes once a month — right to you, right within you. And learn how to ecstatically dance with, rather than deny, Her.

Initiation 4 | True Wisdom: Perimenopause and Menopause

View the whole arc of your womanhood and prepare yourself for what’s here, or what’s ahead.

Initiation 5 | Integrating Your Cycles into Your DAILY Life, Work, Relationships, and Play

Weave all of your revelations and breakthroughs into the nitty gritty of your day-to-day life—business models, creative projects, 9-5 jobs, raising families, and leading communities.

Why Wait Another Month … This is Your Precious Life!

I taught a shorter version of course for the first time in spring of 2012, and it was a huge success. Women left ablaze and alive.

Here’s what some of them had to say about it (and this is just a tiny sample — look to the Praise section below for longer from-the-heart comments!).

“Intense, wild, and powerful…”
“An amazing journey…”
“A powerful month for me…”
“I never expected a course could touch me this deeply…”
“Life changing…”
“This course contains such profound wisdom…”
“Best course ever!”

A Journey Unlike Anything You’ll Find Elsewhere

It’s the result of a lifetime of work on my end, and of the combined wisdom of dozens of my most treasured teachers and mentors. I’m standing on the shoulders of the women giants who came before me, who were kind enough to reach out and pull me up.

And now, I’m reaching out to you.

Our (Sexy) Guest Teachers

Ready to Receive the Happiness You Deserve?

I’ve shared everything I can about happiness with you.  My book, the just-finished I Heart My Moon Cycle Month.  Newsletters.  Public talks.  YouTube videos. Interviews.  Practices. But we need more than to just hear the message in order for our lives to change. We need to do this together.

Words O’ Praise

What Men Have to Say About This Course

Free Your Deepest Desires On the World

I invite you to slow down and drop in. Deepen your breath. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Connect with your inner wisdom. Connect with Her. Ask yourself: is this something I could really use? What would be the benefit to me, my loved ones, and my work in the world if I loved myself in this way and gave myself this gift?

A Recap and Why You Should Say “YES!”

What: An online immersion to heal your cycles (at any age), reclaim the most powerful parts of your femininity, to fuel the change, vision, creativity, fertility, health, and connection to spirit you most strongly desire!

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Why: Because what you’ve been taught about your cycles is far too limiting for the real power locked inside of your feminine spirit.

Cost: $89/month for 5 months, or one payment of $400.  OR TWO WOMEN FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!  Bring a friend, and save 50%.

Refund Policy

This is a non-refundable investment in your relationship with your own deepest femininity. This also means that payment plans cannot be stopped prematurely. It’s your invitation to turn into your deepest shame and fears, and to transform the darkness of your cycles into the light of your life. This program really is different. And it’s this difference that made me decide to have a no-refund policy. Read on to see if this is something that resonates with your deepest calling. (For the record, last time this was offered and there was a refund policy, not a single woman asked for one!)

Most of all, I’m asking you to consider, deeply, right now. What is your soul whispering? Listen closely, and you’ll hear Her speaking to you in this moment.

Reverse Your ‘Curse,’ Forever…

This is it. Here we go into a whole new kind of women’s movement. Are you ready?

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