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Reversing our Curse

Yoga, Meditation & Lifestyle Rituals for Your Cycle



It will open up in the summer of 2016 as a home study course.
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Stop working around and against your cycles.
Start working with them.

Hi there, beautiful woman. I’m Sara Avant Stover, bestselling author of The Way of the Happy Woman and the forthcoming Book of SHE. I’m also a yogini and mentor to tens of thousands of women around the world. My passion is helping women reclaim the source of our greatest inner power — our spiritual insight — and to use that to build the outer lives that we most desire.

One of the most profound sources of our spiritual insight and feminine power is the very thing that we, as women, are taught to hide or ignore. I like to say it’s the “M’s” — our menarche and menopause, menses and moods.

Like many women, I used to think of my feminine cycles as a nuisance: something to “put up with” each month. I denied my body’s messages, and suffered physical and emotional consequences. Finally, after years of study and deep inner work, I reconnected to my cycles — and was astonished to discover within them a wellspring of creativity, intuition, and embodied wisdom.

You see: your feminine cycles aren’t a “curse.” They’re alchemical miracles, hiding in plain sight, happening right in your own body. And, if you learn to work with then (not against them), you’ll be amazed at the creativity and strength you’ll find there.

I want to forever change the way you see (and live with) your cycles. Because they have everything to do with your creativity, power, intuition, and the embodied miracle of your spiritual path and happiness potential, as a woman.

Please join me and the thousands of women who have already begun walking this wise woman Way!

The materials I’ll share have been freshly updated and drawn from the teachings in my new book, The Book of SHE: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power.

What is Reversing Our “Curse”?

For most modern women (even spiritual yoginis!), menstruation and menopause are something we have to “put up with.” Our cycles are a nuisance, a shameful detail, or even a “curse” of life as a woman.

We have disowned our cycles — and along with them, the uniquely feminine strength, creativity, and spiritual alchemy they contain. The results are painful: burnout, stress, depression, fertility challenges, and fraught intimate relationships.

Whether you’re a young woman, a mother, or moving into your crowning years, your cycles can support you by opening a strong, direct channel to your own profound, inner (and distinctly feminine) wisdom.

This program will show you how to tap into the alchemical wisdom of your cycles (yes! even if they’re not “normal”), so you can stop fighting, ignoring, or putting up with them — and start embracing their gifts.


Aligning Your Life with the 4 Seasons of Your SHE Cycles & Your Monthly Heroine’s Journey.

Dancing with the Dark Goddess & Reclaiming Our Disowned, Shadow Selves (PMS & Peri-menopause)

Channeling the Secret Power of the Goddess & Claiming Your Authentic Wisdom (Menses & Menopause)

Reversing Our “Curse” gives you the outer resources and inner insights you need to reclaim the wisdom hiding in plain sight, within your cycles.

Our Cycles Are Not a “Curse”

Far from it. They’re actually a tremendous gift, especially for those of us walking the path of conscious femininity. It turns out that when we are in harmony with our cycles, our world gets a whole lot easier.

We have the inner tools to tap into our greatest feminine superpower: transmuting physical, emotional, and mental suffering into growth. We ourselves become the magic wand that can transform obstacles into opportunities.

The result? We suffer less burnout, stress, and fatigue — and effortlessly tap into our uniquely feminine creativity, strength, intuition, resourcefulness, and playfulness.

When you stop fighting your cycles and start dancing with them, you can:

  • … Discover how to see through that nagging dissatisfaction, depression, and burnout, and tap into your wise woman strength: in work, love, and play.
  • … Understand the wisdom hidden in your PMS, perimenopause, fear of aging, and monthlymoodiness — and partner with it to create the life that’s yours to live.
  • … Create a trustworthy, triumphant connection to your intuition, self-confidence, sense of personal power, and the Divine HerSelf.
  • … Access fuller reserves of energy, capacity, sensual pleasure, and overall vibrancy.
  • … Find more life-affirming ways to exercise, eat, work, make love, relate, and connect to the Divine, all in-tune with your intrinsic rhythms.
  • …Stop resisting “what is” and uncover that ever-elusive happiness and authenticity we keep seeking outside of ourselves.

“Each month, through our menstrual cycle, we have the opportunity to grow and dissolve and emerge again, just like the seas and the moon.”

Your cycles have everything to do with all parts of your life. Reversing Our “Curse” reveals the gifts they offer at every level of your being…

This immersion guides you through your inner and outer worlds, so you can reclaim the deepest parts of your femininity. Even if your life is busy-to-the-max. And at any age and season of life.

We’ll explore how your cycles can reflect and support each of these areas of your being:


Savor more delicious sexual and relational intimacy, emotional connectedness, genuine bonding, clear communication, nurturing unions, wise parenting, skillful and loving boundaries…


Get smarter about how to lead as a woman, including business planning and feminine business models, scheduling, managing others, visioning, manifestation and execution of ideas, work/rest/play balance…


Enjoy deeper joy, happiness, peace of mind, flow, and ease around your “dark,” shadow feelings and inner voices …


Deepen your intuition, trustworthy inner guidance, devotion, divine feminine archetypes, meditation and yoga for different times of the month and stages of the moon…


Support, and sometimes heal, your struggles with fertility, weight, fitness, digestion, energy levels, aging, diet choices, hormones, vibrancy and radiance, longevity, and disease resistance…


Clarify your focus, creativity, drive, body image, relationship to your inner saboteurs, and aligning with your goals and dreams …

Unlock the Magic in Your Feminine Cycles

Most courses on menstruation and menopause focus on the physical, external practices geared to “fix” your cycles. All that is certainly included here: from foods to supplements to lifestyle and physical practices. But we also go far beyond the physical to honor the deep, spiritual wisdom carried by your cycles.

You will be initiated into the ancient, feminine art of honoring your natural rhythms and discover the alchemical wisdom expressed by your body. You see, sisters: even the Goddess bleeds.

Each month, our feminine bodies undergo a mini “Heroine’s Journey” of death and rebirth, asking us to face what we most fear and resist, in order to discover the truth of our greatest feminine superpower. When we embrace the ups and downs of our cycles, we can make magic. Through that, we can co-create with the unseen world to live in wondrous and spectacular ways.

Your cycle is a microcosm of the spiritual and creative process, and an incredible training ground for the bigger creative cycles in your life, work, and love.

When we disown or deny our cycles, our Dark Feminine (you know what I’m talking about!) sabotages us with vicious self-doubt, grief, and rage. She screams for attention, because we’ve ignored her!

This course teaches you to listen to your Dark Feminine, and make her your powerful ally, so you can:

  • Honor your inner wisdom.
  • Awaken the magical, embodied, creative powers that are your birthright.
  • Dance with the light and dark sides of yourself.
  • Celebrate your inner paradoxes and complexity.
  • Unearth your own inexhaustible powers of renewal and self-healing.

This course isn’t about “perfecting” your cycles or hormones. It’s about harnessing the full, spiritual potential of your cycles, as a training ground for your inner growth. Through them, you can learn how to fully “be with” and work through the challenges of your life. Now that’s power.

The feminine spiritual path is embodied, relational, and alchemical.

And the best way to fully understand and honor it is by embracing the wisdom offered by your cycles.

This is for every woman. In any season of life.

Honoring your cycles isn’t about chasing what’s “perfected,” “fixed,” or “normal.” It’s about knowing yourself, loving yourself, and dancing with your embodied feminine wisdom– in the messy and divinely human splendor that you are, moment to moment. That’s why this course is perfect for any woman:

  • If your cycles are regular & “normal”
  • If you suffer irregular, painful, or missing cycles
  • If you want to have a child (or just had one)
  • If you struggle with fatigue, anxiety, depression, or feelings of low self-worth
  • If you’re going through a massive life transition
  • If you’re peri-menopausal, menopausal, or post-menopausal.

It’s time to stop denying our cycles — and reclaim the wellspring of strength and feminine wisdom they offer.

Reversing Our “Curse” Includes:

3, 2-hour live video retreats. Each includes an inspiring talk from Sara, followed by somatic and psycho-spiritual practices (that support the week’s topic and phase of our cycles): yin & flow yoga, meditation, and Q & A.

11 intimate interviews with guest experts (see our line up of wisdom keepers below). These live in the “resource” library of our online forum in mp3 (audio) and mp4 (video) format. These are pre-recorded, and you can listen to/watch these at any time to support your initiation.

Flexibility for your schedule. Everything is recorded, so you can enjoy the course live or at your own pace. We will deliver the materials to you week-by-week, to support you in digesting and integrating the material.

Diet, exercise, and supplements. You’ll learn all of the latest from my own life experience and from our hormone and nutrition guest experts.

Yoga and meditation. Video classes for all levels of experience. Custom created for our different times of the month, and our different seasons of life.

A healing sisterhood. The women in this community WILL feel like your sisters! This is a place to connect, reveal, receive, and guide one another.

A place to feel safe talking about what you’re afraid to talk about. Sex, birth control, low libido, wild mood swings, wrinkles, bleeding through you pants in public. Doubts, failures, and fears. All of it. It’s ALL okay here.

A doorway to your deepest soul wisdom. This is a safe place to start to tune into your depths. We’ll dive into the heart of your femininity — your soul, your relationship to the Divine, and your greatest inner resource–your embodied intuition.

A unique course not available anywhere else, where you’ll align with your own feminine rhythms to create the deeply fulfilling life you’ve been longing for.

The very best of my wise woman teachings on our cycles. I offer these teachings with fierce love and compassion.

Live help. A mentor who has graduated from this course will be in the forum with you, answering questions as you go, as they arise, and as you move deeper into the fullest expression of your power and wisdom.

Your Immersion Also Includes a Treasure Trove of Resources:
  • A private, “Virtual Women’s Circle” (a beautiful, serene space away from the hustle and bustle of Facebook) for you to connect with other women and give and receive ongoing support from me and an assistant mentor.
  • An archive of rich, wonderful, and oh-so very “raw and real” interviews with our esteemed guest teachers
  • A recommended reading and resource list
  • A pretty PDF poster of how to align your life and work with the moon cycles

I’m beyond passionate about this. These teachings are the culmination of the last 15 years of my life and work.

It took me years of study and practice, trial and error, heartbreak and triumph to understand everything I’m sharing in Reversing Our “Curse.” I believe every woman deserves this feminine wisdom — so you can know yourself, love yourself, and create the life you’re being called to, in a deeply feminine way.

But it’s not just me. Hundreds of women have moved through this territory with me and are now living their lives with this newfound sense of power, purpose, and depth. This course has been tried and tested in the real world, with real women, and it works!


It will open up in the summer of 2016 as a home study course.
Sign up to be the first to know when the registration opens.



Aligning with the 4 seasons of your SHE cycle & Your Monthly Heroine’s Journey

View the whole arc your womanhood and understand the all of our meaningful rites of passage – whether they are here or still to come

Discover how the moon’s rhythms impact your mood, energy, and hormonal cycles and learn how to sync up with them, as our ancestors did.

Know the peaks and valleys of your month, so you can plan the best times to tap into different gifts, faculties, and modes of expression.

Learn better ways to receive (and ask for) support around your cycles from the ones you love, so you can enjoy the success and happiness you absolutely deserve.

Create an intimate partnership with your feminine soul, your SHE, that you can turn to whenever you need to. Follow Her lead into the true lightness, joy, and happiness you’ve always craved.

Map out the “4 seasons” of your monthly hormonal cycle– and life– and see how they create a new map for modern, empowered womanhood.

Practice simple, daily self-care and spiritual rituals to help you tap into your womb wisdom, even if your womb has been removed.

Practice simple, daily self-care and spiritual rituals to help you tap into your womb wisdom, even if your womb has been removed.

Learn ways to stay connected to your feminine rhythms, even long after you’ve stopped bleeding.


Dancing with the Dark Goddess & Healing Your Disowned, Shadow Selves (PMS & Peri-menopause)

Your disowned, shadow parts hold astonishing strength and creative genius. It’s time to reclaim them.

Stop exhausting yourself by running from the darkness of your cycles — and face it, head-on.

End the secretive and shameful ways that you self-sabotage as well as those explosive, monthly fights with your beloved, children, or colleagues.

Receive support for the identity changes you’re undergoing during Perimenopause, and be seen and received in the fullness of who you are and the life you’ve lived.

Transmute the raw, emotional power that comes during these times, so it stops bewildering and overpowering you. Use it to fuel positive change in all areas of your life.

Meet your inner Dark Feminine, and learn to hear what She’s trying to tell you. Channel Her amazing power and creativity into the hardest places of your life.

Learn essential yoga & meditation practices for PMS & Peri-menopause to relieve symptoms: weight gain & bloating, anger & irritability, fatigue, and more.

Perimenopause, and be seen and received in the fullness of who you are and the life you’ve lived.


Channeling the Secret Power of the Goddess & Claiming Your Authentic Wisdom (Menses & Menopause)

THIS is the key to your greatest creativity, rejuvenation, intuition, and empowerment. And, lucky you: it comes straight to you, right within your body. Learn how to dance with (instead of denying) Her.

Cultivate hidden intuitive powers to steer your life, love, and work.

Learn yoga and meditation practices specifically for your cycle and menopause, so you can unlock the incredible intuition and inner goddess guidance only available this time of the month.

Discover how to use the wisdom from these phases in your cycles to live a truer, more authentic life, without regrets.

Deepen your wisdom and fierce compassion, so you can best serve your family, community, the world, and future generations of women.

Honor and protect your boundaries with partners, children, colleagues, and friends.

Access this feminine power each month, even if you are no longer bleeding and/or no longer have a uterus.

Experience the deep, wise-woman knowing you can access (and reframe the frustration and bewilderment it can arrive disguised as).

Don’t Let Another Miraculous Cycle Pass You By … This is Your Precious Life!

I taught this program live in 2012 and 2013 and 2014, and it was a huge success each time. Now, several hundred women are living ablaze with this radical –and yes, unconventional — approach to feminine power.

It’s unconventional because of the shame, secrecy, and repression of our feminine power, and I’m ready for these taboo teachings to become the new “normal” in how we live our lives (and what we teach our daughters, nieces, and students).

Here’s what some of RoC graduates had to say about it (and this is just a tiny sample — look to the Praise section below for longer from-the-heart comments!).

  • “Intense, wild, and powerful…”
  • “An amazing journey…”
  • “A powerful month for me…”
  • “I never expected a course could touch me this deeply…”
  • “Life changing…”
  • “JUICY…”
  • “This course contains such profound wisdom…”

A Journey Unlike Anything You’ll Find Elsewhere

With full humility (and a little pride), I don’t know of anyone else sharing this level of depth and wisdom around our cycles, and their gifts for every level of our feminine being.
This is the culmination of a lifetime of work on my end, and of the combined wisdom of dozens of my most treasured teachers and mentors.

Most importantly, this course has been “road tested”, and the feedback of hundreds of women have proven its power and effectiveness — for women in many different places in life.
I’m standing on the shoulders of the women giants who came before me, who were kind enough to reach out and pull me up.

And now, I’m reaching out to you.

Our Esteemed Guest Teachers

A strong feminine community is powerful medicine and magic.

The women in this program will feel like your sisters … from the assistant mentor to your fellow new initiates. Women often remark that they learn just as much (if not more!) from the sisterhood, than they do from me.

And we’re honored to be supported by these visionary elders and wise women:

Angela Farmer

Creative Women’s Yoga Luminary

“The Descent of the Goddess.”

Sofia Diaz

Hatha Yoga Master and Expert in Feminine Spiritual Practice (and my core spiritual teacher!)

“Divine Feminine Archetypes, Love Devotion, and Key Components to a Feminine Spiritual Practice”

Dr. Sara Gottfried

Author, The Hormone Cure, Harvard-Educated Gynecologist, Yoga Teacher and Transformational Speaker

“How to Be Happy, Hot, and Hormonally Healthy through PMS, Periods, Perimenopause, and Beyond”

Surya Little

Director of Prajna Yoga & Women’s Yoga Specialist

“Women’s Yoga & Nutrition for Perimenopause and Menopause”

Sabrina Chaw

Founder of A Feminine Feast; Women’s Wellness & Empowerment Coach

“Surf the Waves of Your Hormones through Perimenopause & Menopause with Ease and Grace”

Chameli Ardagh

Founder of Awakening Women

“Reclaim Your Feminine Rhythms in Work & in Life”

Catherine Hunziker

Wise Woman Herbalist and Founder of WishGarden Herbs

“Simple Herbal Remedies for Feminine Cycles and Self Healing”

DeAna L’Am

Founder of Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls™

“Speaking skillfully to young girls and women about their cycles “

Alisa Vitti

Functional Nutritionist, founder of and author of WomanCode

“Embodied Cyclical Time Management: How to use the biochemical and neurochemical shifts in your cycle to get everything you want in life”

LiYana Silver

Relationship Expert; Founder of Man Whispering and The Inner Feminine Badass Bootcamp

“How to Magnetize Your Man Into Your Greatest Ally During Your Most Sensitive Time of the Month”

Jennifer Racioppi

Women’s Health and Success Coach

“Success Is Not A Race, It’s a Rhythm: For Entrepreneurs and Women in Business, How to Create a Feminine Business Plan, Around Your Cycles”



“This has been life-changing.”

“I’ve gathered so much wisdom, love, and support that I can call on anytime now, because it lives in my heart, bones, and body.

It’s worth it. If there’s anything with in you that says yes, say yes!”

Julia Forberg

San Francisco, California

“Wow! What a gift.”

“This course leaves me feeling a greater self-acceptance while awakening an excitement to continue on this path of self discovery.

I am learning ways to support myself first and put my other responsibilities second. My husband has noticed a difference in my parenting, saying that I look like a “happier mom.” I am learning to trust my own inner wisdom, and I’m standing up for myself in regards to guarding my personal space and time. I’m learning to say no to projects that feel like an over-extension of my abilities in the moment.”

Sonja Carey

Hood, OR

“I used to experience a lot of tiredness, weakness, and anxiety around my cycles …Now, instead of those things, I feel my power.”

“Before I participated in “Reversing Our ‘Curse’” I used to experience a lot of tiredness, weakness, and anxiety around my cycles …Now, instead of those things, I feel my power.

I’ve learned that my anxiety was a sign that I wasn’t taking good care of myself during the rest of the month, or most especially during my period. I now feel like I’m on a journey and an adventure, and I look forward to my cycles. We women are really lucky to have this time to slow down…”

Lydia England

Los Angeles, California

“It has changed my relationships on all levels, I’m astounded and continue to process what this means for me. Thank you, Sara, for the grace, wisdom, and beauty you are sharing.”

”I realized that I didn’t understand my menstrual cycle at all, beyond the basics I was taught in school. I never really looked at myself and thought: how does my cycle affect me, my moods, my health? I hadn’t really given it any thought—and I’m 32!… Overall, I learned how powerful it is, even in an online space, when women come together not just to learn, but to share their experiences.It’s incredible for me to realize this, but I don’t think I’ve ever really had a discussion with a woman about what her menstrual cycle is like, and I’ve never talked to women about their menopause process is like either. It was very educational for me to engage in it in that way.

I’ve slowed down, tracked my cycle, and explored what it means to live from my feminine centre, rather than my over-achieving linear masculine centre. It has changed my relationships on all levels, I’m astounded and continue to process what this means for me. Thank you, Sara, for the grace, wisdom, and beauty you are sharing. I look forward to much more!

I think every woman should take this course!”

Claire Higgens

Dubai, UAE

“I didn’t know if I could really learn from Sara, considering she’s a few decades younger than me, but wow, I had so much to learn.”

“I almost didn’t sign up for this course because I’m already in menopause, but I’m so glad that I did, because there was so much for me in this too! I also didn’t know if I could really learn from Sara, considering that she’s a few decades younger than me. But, wow, I had so much to learn from her. She was a wonderful teacher, and I realized that I have much to learn from women of all ages…”

Christine Frances Jefferson

Cupertino, California

“Intense, wild and powerful. My words fall short. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU, Sara, Thank you fellow goddesses!”

Eirin Selsvold Asker


“To have been so seen in this course was truly gifting and deeply healing.”

“YES! YES! YES! I marvel at the miracle that happens when women honor each other and mirror back the truth of all that we contain. To have been so seen in this course was truly gifting and deeply healing.

This work is vital… I’ve been very involved in women’s work already for decades. This course truly helped me to deepen in my journey.

It’s the medicine of our time.”

Naree Shields


“I have come deeply face-to-face with my personal beliefs about my cycle, my feminine personal history, and my fears, shame, and dreams.”

“This past month has really cracked me open and stretched me in ways I’ve never been stretched before. I have come deeply face-to-face with my personal beliefs about my cycle, my feminine personal history, and my fears, shame, and dreams. Being in perimenopause, there are juicy things percolating inside of me now.

I feel like I’m on the brink of something new. This gives me tingles and goosebumps because I know, really know, that I’ve met me on the path again. I feel honored to not only continue on my journey, but to also trust, open up, and share what I can offer to the women I meet along the way. In deepest gratitude and love to you all, and especially to you, Sara.”

Linda Maria Sperl

Long Island, NY

“During the course I realized, wow! I can develop a relationship with myself and my cycle every month“

“I have always looked at my cycle as a curse. When I signed up for “Reversing Our ‘Curse,” I was truly fed up with my relationship with it and my negative feelings towards it.

During the course I realized, wow! I can develop a relationship with myself and my cycle every month. It’s okay not to feel “on” all the time, and to allow myself the space to ebb and flow throughout my cycle.
I found this work of looking inwards to be very emotional. I was afraid to really get to know myself, of finding out what is really “deep down in there.”

But this course really helped me with that. It helped me to dig deeper and get to know myself. When I came out on the other side, I was surprised at all the wonderful things I discovered about myself.”

Natasha Krochina

Wyoming, USA

“Now I am much more comfortable with my negative emotions and the darker aspects of myself and my womanhood.”

“I realized that it is possible to live in peace and harmony with my cycle. This was not only intellectual realization, but something I could deeply feel. Plus, now I am much more comfortable with my negative emotions and the darker aspects of myself and my womanhood.

Sara, you created here such intimate and caring atmosphere, I really appreciate it. I learned from you also as a teacher, thank you once more!”

Evelin Tael


“My life as a woman is forever expanded because of this work.”

“I was working on healing a chronic disease when I met Sara…Now, having completed the course, and also being a part of Sara’s Red Tent,I can’t express how much my perspective on my life has changed because of this work! For the first time I realized my resentment and denial of my womanhood, and how unhealthy that was. I was craving connecting with the cycles of nature, and wasn’t even aware that meant my own cycles as well!

After opening up and diving into the “deep end” I am so grateful for this transformation. I feel connected to nature, the moon, and my hormonal cycle in a way I have never known before. I feel like I am healing and expanding in a deeply beautiful way.

On the physical level, after the course, my moon cycle shifted after just one cycle from the full moon to the new moon. My menstrual cramps are much less, as well as other feminine problems that I was formerly experiencing.

I am now daily embracing being open and receptive to the “dark feminine,” which speaks to me as much as the bright and shiny assertive goddess that I am!

My life as a woman is forever expanded because of this work. I would highly recommend this course to all women regardless of life stage- I am so grateful for Sara opening the door and holding the space so that I and the other women can step through with our vulnerable hearts.”

Zina Mercil

Boulder, CO

What Men Have to Say About This Course


“Zina is a different woman now…embracing fully all the beauty, power, and messiness that that includes”

“This work is seminal to any partnership in which women participate, as well as to a woman’s individual process, because of the involvement in a community of reclamation, and a shared mystical experience… two things that our culture desperately needs, especially where women are concerned. Zina is a different woman now, seeking solace amongst her sisters in her very own “Red Tent”, embracing fully all the beauty, power, and messiness that that includes.

Our individual and household spiritual practices have deepened, and my own relationship to my beautiful, magical partner have been directly effected by her taking ownership of her “curse”, and turning it into the reclamation of her womanly birthright.”

William E. Ashton

II Boulder, CO

“She tells me when her moon has started. That day and night, she gets my full attention. I bring over her favorite take out food, and we watch a musical of her choice.”

“My girlfriend Tessa read The Way of the Happy Woman a few months back, and it completely changed the way we look at her monthly moon cycles. It used to be a rough day; we’d disagree, or have some kind of argument, and I’d only find out afterwards that she was on her moon.

Now, we have an entirely new thing we do. She tells me her moon as started. That day and night, she gets my full attention. I bring over the food of her choice, and we watch a musical of her choice (an admission: I don’t really like musicals, but she loves them). It’s two small things that I do — food and a movie — that completely changes how she relates to her cycle and how we relate to each other.

She now LOVES the first day of her moon, and she actually looks forward to it instead of dreading it. We connect so nicely on this day that it really helps to set the tone for the next month. Her moon cycle is now a day of rest and connection for both of us.”

Jason Lange

Los Angeles, CA

Sisters, it’s time. Please stop trying to “take it like a man.” Because your real strength lies in your femininity!

Your cycles — and all the strength and wisdom they brings — are your womanly birthright.

Isn’t it time you reclaimed them?

I only want you to join this immersion if it’s right for YOU! It’s a deep initiation, so every woman who participates needs to want to be there 100%. So, I invite you to slow down and drop in. Deepen your breath. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Connect with your inner wisdom. Connect with Her. Ask yourself: is this something I could really use? What would be the benefit to me, my loved ones, and my work in the world if I loved myself in this way and gave myself this gift?

A Recap and Why You Should Say “YES!”

What: A virtual, 2-week immersion to understand the wisdom of your cycles (at any age), weave their rhythms into your life, reclaim the deepest, most powerful parts of your femininity, and express the uniquely feminine creativity, sensuality, vitality, intuition, strength, and sacred connection that are your birthright!

Why: Because we women have denied, ignored, and “sanitized” our cycles (and the powerful wisdom they offer) for too long. We’re tired of disowning our bodies, ignoring our rhythms, and holding back our strength. We’re ready to express more of who we are, as sacred, embodied, wild, messy, soft, sensual, and irresistibly wise women.

Refund Policy

This is a non-refundable investment in your relationship with your own deepest femininity. This also means that payment plans cannot be stopped prematurely. It’s your invitation to turn into your deepest shame and fears, and to transform the darkness of your cycles into the light of your life.

This program really is different. And it’s this difference that made me decide to have a no-refund policy. Read on to see if this is something that resonates with your deepest calling.

    • This is your chance to face some of the biggest taboos in your life, and in all our lives as women. This is sometimes dirty, messy work. Facing it might make you want to run for the hills! But this refund policy, as well as the sacred container within the course, will help to hold you in your discomfort. The joy and lightness we desire, the fertility and happiness, are linked to our willingness to acknowledge the darkness. To be whole, you need to go the places you’ve avoided, maybe for decades.
    • When you’re growing up, you can’t stop halfway to 18 and turn around and go back to childhood.The Goddess is too smart to give us that choice. Real growth continues until it’s finished, sometimes in spite of ourselves. This course is designed to take you through a specific arc of learning, insight, and empowerment. If you stick with this WHOLE program, I’m confident you’ll emerge on the other side having grown through the parts of yourself that most needed it. Your life will reflect the change in ways you can’t anticipate yet.
    • But some of what you face may be unpleasant and difficult. When I teach live events I never let women leave part-way through. They need to stay until the end. This strengthens our collective container, and helps to soar to new levels of freedom that have never been possible before. The same must be true for an online space if we are going to go deep. You may want to quit. By not offering a refund, it helps to ensure that you stick through this entire program and gain the benefits of all the work!
    • All the information you need to decide is right here, either on this page or on my website. I made sure there are no surprises, no unexpected things you’ll find or uncover as you go through the course. It’s all here. So ask yourself: Does this page make sense to you? Does it resonate with what you want? Are you curious about the topics? Do the guest teachers seem interesting? Perhaps most importantly, do you believe you can have a life-changing experience through an online program? Use what’s here to see if this program really, truly speaks to you.
    • No refunds means there’s a cost to your leaving. When you feel resistance, you have to make a choice if you want to step through (with my help) to the next insight, or walk away. By not giving you an “out,” I’m asking you to TRUST YOURSELF, to trust this process, and to trust your community of sisters taking the plunge with you.

Most of all, I’m asking you to consider, deeply, right now. What is your intuition whispering? Listen closely, and you’ll hear Her speaking to you in this moment.


It will open up in the summer of 2016 as a home study course.
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Reverse Your “Curse,”

This is it. Are you ready to understand, express, and dance with your precious… sacred…embodied…messy…dark… bright…wise feminine self? In profound, exciting, liberating, and timeless ways?

I can’t wait to travel to these depths with you.

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