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Yoga, Meditation, & Feminine Spirituality


Welcome home, beautiful.

Truth: you don’t need another list of lifestyle tweaks to be spiritual.

Being happy, healthy, and whole isn’t about perfection, it’s about compassionate presence. And the Heroine’s Journey is a twistier, less talked-about ride than the Hero’s.

Discover an authentic path of feminine practice that goes way beyond Instagram-perfect yoga poses and caves in Tibet.

It happens within your body. It is ancient and modern. And it is your birthright.

Our Way is wise and wild. Sacred and strong. Messy and mysterious.

It is for the brave and rebellious, the good girls and the (sometimes secret) naughty ones. It challenges every woman to slow down, fiercely put what’s essential at the heart of her daily life, and follow her own, inner guidance.

Because your way … is The Way.


Discover how to connect more authentically with yourself and the world around you.

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Hello! I’m Sara

I don’t want to be your guru. I’m devoted to guiding women back to their own, inner wisdom, through feminine spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, and a whole lotta love (and guts).

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We women awaken together. Learn from wise women across the globe, representing all seasons of life: Maiden, Mother, Queen, and Crone.

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Sara has managed to strike the perfect balanced between hip, modern practicality and ancient, wise woman wisdom.

“Her online courses, books, and live retreats are a permission slip for women to slow down and listen. Sara astounds me with her ability to tune out the outside chaos and dive deeply inward. She’s an example and an inspiration for me of what it looks like to truly listen to the wisdom of the female body while also living an effective, prosperous, creative, turned-on life.”

Kate Northrup

Author of Money: A Love Story

Sara is a rare bird...that unique combination of courageous authenticity, beauty, soulfulness and the gumption to bring her wisdom forth in this world.

“Thank goodness. Any woman on the path of living bravely into the deepest truth of who she is will find true kinship and guidance in Sara’s words and her work. I’m so grateful she is in my life as a teacher and a friend.”

KC Baker

Founder, WomanSpeak & The Women’s Thought Leadership Society

Sara walks her talk with grace, courage, and authenticity. I am in constant awe of how she bravely gives voice to the unspoken and taboo and how she transforms challenges and shame into powerful, heartfelt gifts that have helped me and so many women worldwide connect with our deepest selves.

“Sara’s teachings and support have been invaluable in my own quest to slow down, listen within, and focus on health and happiness. Thank you, Sara, for embodying strength through vulnerability so beautifully, and for your leadership and service guiding us through our own Heroine’s Journeys.”

Jennifer Lee

Author of The Right-Brain Business Plan

Sara’s depth of presence and practice make her a true guide for women at many different life phases. I am dearly grateful to walk with her in life, sisterhood, and business.

“I honor Sara’s courage and willingness to dive deeply into her own Heroine’s Journey and truly do the work. I have watched her persevere (tenaciously, bravely, gently) through some profoundly challenging inner journeys and emerge with gold.”

Bari Tessler

Financial Therapist, Founder of The Art Money and Author of The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness

When I’m with Sara, I breathe. I slow down. I listen in new ways. I laugh with self-compassion. I dive deep into my feminine self and roar or cry or celebrate.

“Sara has been a friend and colleague for over 10 years. She is a masterful teacher who offers her great gifts with wisdom, compassion and grace. Don’t miss any opportunity to work with her. She’s as good as it gets.”

Heidi Rose Robbins

Poet, Astrologer, and Author of This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty

What I so appreciate about Sara is how giving and erudite she is in her writings and books.

“She is a generous, smart writer and thinker about women’s health and lives. I love giving her books to women of all ages.”

Jennifer Louden

Author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and The Life Organizer

I am an unwavering fan of Sara Avant Stover’s heart, way & work. Her unconditional dedication to her life’s calling is exceptional, and radiates through all she does.

“Few teaching facilitators are as devoted as she, and few immersion experiences are as powerful, timely or needed as The SHE School is (and I don’t say that lightly).”

Lissa Boles

Founder of The Soul Map

Sara embodies what she teaches.

Hers is soulful, playful, sage, untamed and badass reverence for all faces of The Feminine.  I deeply respect that Sara is steeped in lineage yet cultivates fresh, free thinking — such needed qualities in a leader, a sister, a colleague and a friend, all of whom Sara is to me.

LiYana Silver

Coach & Writer


Tune In. Slow Down. Drop In.
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Each of our offerings is designed to forge a stronger bond between you, your inner feminine wisdom (your SHE), and the sacred, natural cycles of your body and the earth. Ours is a path of lifelong learning.

From toe-dips to deep dives, we offer a range of online immersions and in-person retreats and trainings. We recommend engaging with our material in three phases, sketched below.

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Learn the foundational practices & concepts of Our Way. Discover a feminine path of yoga, meditation, and spirituality … or revisit the basics and renew your commitment to your practice.



Weave your practice more fully into every area of your life. Give bigger, bolder expression to your SHE and deepen your devotion to The Way. Return to these programs over and over again, throughout all the seasons of your life.



The student becomes the teacher. Serve other women and change the world by taking what you’ve learned and sharing it with your communities. For women who have completed all the programs in phases one and two.

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