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My heart pounded as the trees closed in on me. Suddenly, everything was dense and dark.

I was on retreat in the wilds of Montana, hiking this trail for the first time. I couldn’t see a path beneath my feet anymore — just roots and shrubs. My cozy cottage and the serene lake felt miles away. Was I utterly lost?

I looked up at the blue, blue sky, took a deep breath, and kept going.

A moment later, I pushed past some brambles and saw the friendly, wooden arrow marked “This Way.” It was so simple. And all I needed to reassure me: I was headed in the right direction.

Stepping onto the path of feminine spirituality can feel like wandering into a magical — but confusing — forest.

There’s no clearly paved road.
Sometimes, it’s dense and murky.
Strict protocols and dogmas simply don’t work, here.
Each woman must carve her own path, responding to the circumstances and moments of her life.

Feminine spiritual practice might not follow straight lines … but there are signposts to light our way.

That’s because countless women have walked before us.

The truly revolutionary, luminous ones didn’t follow anyone else’s rules or maps. They followed their own, inner guidance. And thankfully, they left behind some reliable signposts to guide any woman back to her own wisdom.

I’ve gathered 13 of my favorite signposts into a beautiful mini-course. One teaching per day.
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Hello, beautiful

I’m Sara Avant Stover
, and I’ll be your guide for the next 13 days. I’m the bestselling author of The Way of the Happy Woman and The Book of SHE I’m also a yogini and mentor to tens of thousands of women around the world. I’m passionate about helping women of all ages reclaim the source of our greatest power — our spiritual insight — and use that to build the lives we most desire.


Along our 13-day jaunt through the forest of feminine spirituality, you will:

  • Connect more deeply with your rich, inner world
  • Create simple, daily rituals to center and ground you
  • Align with the natural rhythms of your body and the seasons
  • Become a gentler, more compassionate mother — to yourself
  • Embrace the wisdom of your Dark Goddess
  • Start ending the “war within”

Most of all? You will emerge more mindful, creative, energized, and sensually embodied.

That’s because you will spend time each day with your SHE: the feminine wisdom within each woman.

Whether you’re brand-new to the feminine spiritual path or have traveled these woods for many years, these 13 simple, fundamental teachings will help you live your Heroine’s Journey more courageously and gracefully.

Start this mini-course today and walk your spiritual path with more clarity, confidence, and peace.

Because you can find your way through the murkiest forest … when you’re at home, within yourself.

I’ve gathered 13 of my favorite signposts into a beautiful mini-course. One teaching per day.
Sent with love, straight to your inbox.

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