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Transform through the Wild Wisdom of Grief


You still feel the hole in your heart.

Maybe it’s from the day he left … and you fell to the floor, a crumpled mess of tears.

Or maybe it’s because you miss your Mom … and still can’t believe she’s really gone.

Maybe your head’s spinning with the melting ice caps and another tragic attack.

Or your gut still wrenches, thinking about that career that never worked out.

Maybe your heart feels shattered into a million different pieces after an abortion, miscarriage, or simply losing the dream you had of yourself and your future.

Heartbreak turns our emotions Technicolor.

Suddenly, your life crumbles into an recognizable, debilitating roller coaster of despair, sleepless nights, rage, and grief.

Hearing “your song” at the coffee shop or hearing the news of a girlfriend’s pregnancy— any tiny thing can tip you into full-blown emotional overwhelm.

How can you get back to “normal” when the sky has officially fallen?

“It’s all my fault, obviously. I’m unlovable, a disgusting mess. How could I have missed the signs? Love and happiness are things other people get, not me. This pain just might be the end of me. I’m too ugly/fat/stupid/broken to be happy. Why can’t I just get over it?”

Please, please, sister: stop beating yourself up for things not working out the way you had hoped.


Of course it’s hard. Life is hard. When our hearts break, we lose a part of ourselves, a piece of our pasts, and our visions for the future.

Plus, we’re wired to be part of the tribe. For our female ancestors, intimate relationships meant survival. Today, the end of a relationship still sparks fear of death in our primal brains. The rupture of a bond resonates through every area of our lives and brings with it the tremors of tremendous trauma.

The truth is: your inner chaos is just the beginning … of an initiation.

Grief is a powerful, under-appreciated crucible for transformation.

Its wild wisdom will transform you. Break you open. Teach you unprecedented levels of inner strength, self-love, and, one day, joy. But only if you know how to work with it.

You need more than a mani pedi and a pint of mint chocolate chip.

Why do these indulgences leave you feeling a little empty and unsatisfied?

You need a deeper, more knowing kind of self-care and resilience training. These skills are learnable. And once you have them, they will serve you through every tiny or huge loss, for the rest of your life (and we’ll all have many of them).

Grief is a wild animal. You cannot tame it … but you can befriend it.

Let your grief crack you open and carry you closer to truth. Stop railing against the pain and embrace all of your life — including the mess and tears and anger and inappropriate cackling.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. YOU do.

Like a broken leg, a broken heart needs to be actively rehabilitated. You have to midwife it back to wholeness.

Only then does brokenness becomes a catalyst for a whole new possibility– if you have the tools and resources to work with it, skillfully and compassionately.


Something deep down within you already knows how to grieve. Like giving birth or dying, grieving is a natural, human process.

The problem? Our culture has sanitized and ostracized grief. Whitewashed its wildness and interrupted its flow. Sequestered its gut wrenching wails to isolated living room floors. That’s why so many of us stay stuck and carry old, unhealed losses for years.

“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” – Khalil Gibran

If you think you’ll never love again …

If you can’t forgive yourself or the other …

If you know you need to evolve beyond who you were, but aren’t sure how …

You are exactly who I created this for.

Learn the inner alchemy of using tragedy to break your heart — and life — open to greater love, authenticity, resilience, and happiness.

An IntegrativeApproach

It takes a holistic, multi-faceted approach to not just survive heartbreak but to transform it into a life-affirming rite of passage.

I’m putting everything I’ve got into this immersion, including all the elements that have been essential to heal from my own losses and heartbreak:

Spiritual Self-Care
Soul nourishment and self-reflection practices

Sisterhood & Mentorship
Tough times call for strong communities and support

Buddhist Principles
Mindfulness, emotional resilience training, and compassion for self and others

Life Visioning
Draft a blueprint for your new life

Your Healing from Heartbreak Guide:
Sara Avant Stover


Your Healing from Heartbreak Guide:
Sara Avant Stover

Teacher of Feminine Spirituality & Empowerment, Bestselling Author, and Founder of The Way of the Happy Woman

It happened last year, while chopping sweet potatoes and kale. My fiancé and partner of five years — whom I thought was my best friend and love of my life — told me he had been cheating on me and lying to me for the past two years.

Healing from this heartbreak was the hardest thing I have ever done. But today? I can tell you without reservation that this was one of the greatest gifts life has ever given me.

In the first few weeks, I couldn’t recognize myself. Gone was that usually self-reliant, independent, strong woman who relished her solitude. Dear sisters brought me meals, drew me baths, and tucked me into bed. I sobbed on the phone to my Mom every single day, “I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.” And I really didn’t.

But I made a choice, early on. I was determined not to let this crisis defeat me. I didn’t want to hold onto pain or resentment, but vowed I would feel everything I needed to feel, learn the lessons I needed to learn, and let go until the fire in my heart burned only Love, clean and true. I vowed that I would move on. Not part way. All the way.

I had to teach myself how to face my grief. How to die. How to heal, be held, and put myself back together again.

I worked with therapists and shamans, acupuncturists and spiritual teachers. I moved through phases of grief, rage, and confusion I hadn’t known existed. I experienced a creative rebirth unparalleled anywhere else in my life. I took burlesque dance classes and took up painting. I spent more time with my girlfriends and got my wonderful dog, Sadie. I drafted a new blueprint for my life that was more aligned and thrilling. By the end of my journey, I hadn’t just healed from the loss: I was more me than ever before.

Today, looking back over this crucible of a year, I recognize it as the greatest initiation of my life up until then. This crisis forced me into the heart of my deepest, core wound and offered me no escape from it. I learned to be with tremendous suffering, to go through the spiritual underworld, and trust that I’d come back up again, more whole, powerful, and free.

To heal from my own heartbreak, I had to reconnect to that primal part of myself that knew what to do … and give her my full support. This is your birthright, too, dear Sister.

Healing from Heartbreak is the course I would have loved to have had to help me through my own crisis of heartbreak.

In it, I share the specific rituals, practices, perspectives, and insights I leaned on to not just get through my crisis, but to transform from it.

While my life might look enviable from the outside, the truth is that I have suffered a lot in my life. During this course I will share personal stories of tragedy and triumph, as well as how I’ve used all of my life experiences as opportunities to become a softer, humbler, truer version of myself. This is what is possible, with grief. And this is what I would love to share with you.


“I am so present, my heart is open; and I I feel the gifts of curiosity, wonder, and beginner’s mind!”

Jocelyn Jenkins

Eagle, CO

“Thank you for sharing your stories here. I feel so grateful to have such an intimate circle of vulnerability and juicy realness.”

Amanda Thornton

Seattle, Washington

“Something remarkable is happening inside of me–a definite shift.

This something, I feel, may be the initiation I have been desperately praying for… and been oh so afraid of.

Wise women, I feel scared but ready to share… I can feel my HER pushing me to. SHE knows I need your support with this… a different kind of support then what I’ve known. I feel so blessed to be a part of this loving circle.”

Alyssa Fielder

Ontario, Canada

“I feel safe and have no shame any longer!

I truly do love myself these days…and that is enough to keep me happy without external influences!

I love you all for who you are and for this like-minded view we share by being a part of this process of the evolution of our souls.”

Briana Sullivan

Amesbury, MA

“If you hold a longing deep within you to reconnect with your true self, this program is a wonderful way to do so.

I have finally set my roots in a substantial way, dropped in, and set a solid intention for moving forward with my personal practice. It’s a deep an intentional reconnection with my soul. A calling forth of my wisdom to guide me forward in the coming comings. A powerful and necessary gathering of women in community.”


Stephanie McMillan

Boulder, CO

“A grounding reminder to flow with reality, the divine, to connect to other women, and to keep learning on the soul level.

I’ve returned to surrender, faith, my higher power, and the knowing that my soul is in control!”


Rachael McKee

Boulder, CO

“If there’s a whisper somewhere deep inside to do it – follow that whisper!”

Ruth White

Queensland, Australia

“The program has allowed me to reconnect with the sacredness within.

I’ve learned that vulnerability is a strength that really does help heal those around me. I feel incredibly grateful for the women who have spoken about their experiences, it has helped me honor and reclaim lost parts of myself. I feel stronger to reach out to others who may benefit from me sharing my experiences.”


Kristie Gambrel

Ontario, Canada

“Sara is a truly gifted teacher and provides us with amazing sisterhood.

It is wonderful to have a place to go with other women who are on a similar path. It feels supportive, loving, and nurturing and provides rich ground for personal growth and for continuing on one’s own process of individuation and soulful embodiment.”

Julie Pfnister

Portland, OR

“This course was hugely transformative, raw, honest, spicy, deeply honest & supportive. I really haven’t found anything else like it out there.

For the first time in ages, I can see the future more clearly. I don’t mean I know exactly what I will be doing, I just feel a fog has lifted when I look forward. And my priorities have become clear.”

Eva Papadakis


“This is a life changing, deep journey into your soul, mind, and body. I loved it all!!!”

Mariana Morales

Mexico City, Mexico

What’s Included:

  • Includes pre-recorded SHE dharma talks, themed teachings, and meditation & embodiment practices for your feminine heart.
  • An intuitive, organized online classroom. All of our course materials are neatly housed in a private members’ forum for easy access.
  • Daily Heal Your Heart emails. Receive a message from Sara every day, along with integrative practices and reflection questions specifically designed to help you deepen into each week’s theme and support your heart to heal. At the start of each week, you’ll be nourished with plenty of food for thought and receive clear, simple action steps for the week to put the teachings into action– one small step at a time.
  • Private Facebook Group. Be witnessed in your healing journey, share your story, and share resources with women on similar paths. (And get your questions answered by Sara or other team members.)
  • Extended access to the full members’ area and private Facebook group for as long as this program lives online. Because every woman’s healing process is different. It takes as long as it takes.

“Don’t surrender your loneliness so quickly. Let it cut more deep.

Let it ferment and season you.

As few human or even divine ingredients can.”

– Hafiz



Your Curriculum

While every woman’s heartbreak is unique, healing always follows a similar, 3-phase journey: Death, Transformation, and Rebirth.


  • Learn the empowering reframe for crisis and loss that helps you transform your obstacles into the path, itself.
  • Create a softer, deeper relationship with your pain, so you can stop resisting it and start letting it open your heart.
  • Learn the states of grief, and the mindsets that will either most limit or expedite your healing.
  • Stop trying to live happily ever after, and learn the tools you need to embrace your life as it is and to know enduring happiness.

Meditation Practice: Body-Based Mindfulness & Maitri

Work with the first foundation of mindfulness to touch into your pain, metabolize it bit by bit, and stay with it. Practice maitri, unconditional friendliness towards yourself.


  • Learn the stages of the death process — from Stuckness to The Wake Up Call to Goodbyes and even Obsessive Thinking — and how to support yourself through each one.
  • Start to embrace the chaos, orient yourself inside the free fall when the rug’s been pulled out from under you, and be with yourself in the darkness.
  • Work with the power of destructive energy (delivered by the goddess Kali) so you can harness it to release what needs to leave your life.

Meditation Practice: Resilience with Challenging Feelings & Thoughts

Learn how to flow with grow stronger in the face of challenging thoughts and emotions.


  • Embrace solitude, truly let go, and work with intense rage to get a clearer sense of your boundaries.
  • Take this golden opportunity to heal childhood dynamics and immature parts of yourself at their roots, cultivate faith, and take radical ownership of creating your awesome life.
  • Learn specific practices for metabolizing the pain of your loss, including the power of ritual.
  • Hold “Soul-to-Soul Meditations” to help heal unresolved goodbyes with loved ones.

Meditation Practice: Tonglen

This ancient Buddhist practice will help you learn to stay with what’s uncomfortable and cultivate compassion towards others and yourself. (It’s particularly useful during those sleepless nights or when you’re overwhelmed by despair, sadness, or anger.)


  • Learn to, as Elizabeth Gilbert says, “participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings” and take full, proactive responsibility for your new life.
  • Reclaim your self-worth, forgive yourself (and the other), and work with the triggers that pull you backwards.
  • Embrace who you’re becoming, open up space for the new vision of your life, and learn to live from an even deeper truth, power, and vulnerability (with healthy boundaries and an increased sense of self-worth).

Meditation Practice: Visualize your new life

Fully embrace the opportunity of this transformational moment! Mindfully plant seeds of intention that will help you grow into the new version of yourself … and magnetize a life aligned with all aspects of yourself.

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

– Ernest Hemingway

Who this is for:

  • You, if you’re in the thick of a heartbreak, loss, of major transition.
  • You, if you’re longing to heal a heartbreak (maybe even from years ago) that still haunts you a little.
  • You, if you find yourself reliving old patterns and wounds in present relationships and want to open yourself more fully to love.
  • You, if you’re wise enough to know that grief is an inevitable part of life, and you’d like to bake this framework and tools into your nervous system, so you know how to work with loss when it happens the next time.
  • You, if you work with other women and want to better support them through grief, loss, and heartbreak.
  • Women who have suffered “serial heartbreaks” of a similar pattern and want to finally get to the root of it and heal.
  • Women who have never worked with me before and want an introduction to my integrative spiritual approach.
  • Dear sisters who have journeyed with me before and want support in this specific realm of life.
  • Any woman interested in living with less suffering and more integrity and aliveness.

Heartbreak is an inevitable part of every woman’s life journey.

It’s present anytime we love. It’s our responsibility to stay present, through both the joys of loving, and the inevitable heartbreak that ensues from sharing ourselves deeply with another. To not abandon our hearts, bodies, or world–even when we’re in immense pain. This is the hardest spiritual practice there is. And the fruits that it yields are so worth it.

What to Expect

Let your heartbreak break you open … and reconnect you to yourself, your inner resources, and intimacy with the fullness of your life. Through our journey, you can expect to:


  • Learn how to really care for yourself, right now and as you continue to heal
  • Free yourself from toxic shame, humiliation, and self-doubt
  • Recalibrate to your “new normal” by adopting miniature rituals and daily practices to support your healing
  • Stop drowning in obsessive thinking or catastrophic stories about yourself or your future
  • Write a new narrative for your experience to reframe it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity rather than a tragic failure
  • Get inspired by poetry, mantras, and wisdom teachings for your exact situation
  • Learn how to really let go, without resentment or regret
  • Soothe your inner child with powerful self-dialogue and visualizations (she needs extra love at these tough transitions!)
  • Feel your huge emotions (from rage to despair) without getting overwhelmed or paralyzed by them
  • Fully embrace your loss, so you save yourself from prolonged grief (or finally heal from an old loss)
  • Draw strength and clarity from your Future Self
  • Learn how to ask for help and take the time you need — without groveling or dropping balls
  • Harness the powers of destruction to rebuild yourself and your life (there’s so much strength, here)
  • Forgive yourself and get to the root of self-sabotaging patterns so you won’t keep making the same mistakes again
  • Break free from the isolation that grieving also brings. Learn how to ask for and receive the right kind of support, from the right people
  • Open your heart to love again
  • Learn to trust yourself, your intuition, and others again
  • Grow into the new, more evolved woman life is asking you to become
  • Create a new life for yourself that’s even more beautiful and aligned with your soul’s callings and heart’s wisdom.

Additional Gifts

Receive these additional gifts when you join us:

Rituals for releasing grief and moving on. These are a collection of rituals prescribed to me by my therapist, one of my spiritual teachers, and my own inner wisdom…all are incredibly powerful.

An audio interview on how to use art therapies like painting and playing with clary to express your grief and anger– two of the hardest emotions for women to own.


A healing from heartbreak resource guide. These are the books and other tools I’ve leaned on over the years during trying times– from space clearing, performing rituals, healing co-dependency, becoming more emotionally resilient, moving on after betrayal, and so much more.



Your Investment

One payment of $247

Because you’ll receive all course materials instantly, there are no refunds for any reason.

“Grief is alive, wild, untamed and cannot be domesticated. It resists the demands to remain passive and still. We move in jangled, unsettled and riotous ways when grief takes hold of us. It is truly an emotion that rises from soul.”

– Francis Weller



Q: What types of heartbreak is this course for?

A: This course will touch on the losses that women experience through romantic relationships, a breakup, divorce, dark night of the soul, job loss, abortion, miscarriage, loss of a loved one, loss of a sense of self, loss of a future life path, or simply the fear/overwhelm/disillusionment that so many of us are feeling about the state of the world, today.

Q: What if I’m not currently going through a heartbreak?

A: You’ll be welcomed with open arms. Many of us carry old, unhealed wounds from past losses and heartbreaks — so you’ll receive support for healing these. You’ll also be prepared for the inevitable losses that life will bring your way in the future — so when they arrive, you’ll have an empowering framework to roll through them with more resources and awareness.

Q: What if I can’t tell if I’m dealing with grief, depression, or both.

A: That’s so common! We’ll discuss the difference between grieving and depression, so you can sort through this.

Q: What if I fall behind in the course material?

A: You’ll have lifetime access to all the course materials and the private Facebook group. Because we all heal at our own pace, in our own time.

Q: I’m interested, but not sure this is good timing. Will you offer this again?

A: Chances are, I won’t offer a live version ever again, so if you’d like to get direct mentoring from me, now is your chance.

Let your grief break your heart open. Within the arms of our loving circle, you’ll have full permission to fall apart….and slowly, organically find your way back to greater wholeness.

Heartbreak is mandatory; healing takes wisdom. This is your initiation into a truer, more genuine life– the one you’ve longed for and sense awaits you.

When you receive the right support and tools, you become the midwife to your destiny. You will trust again. You will love again. You will be happy again. You will find your way upright again. And you will radiate from deep within you a joy and power like you’ve never before known.

Listen to the inklings of your noble heart. Sweet girl, it’s true: the best is yet to come.

Be patient. Be where you are, feel all you need to feel, and know that what is yours … is on its way.

Don’t suffer alone. Don’t let these obstacles keep you from claiming from life what’s yours. It’s time to rise up, take your place in our circle, and transform yourself from the inside out.

With my love and support,



Your Investment

One payment of $247

Because you’ll receive all course materials instantly, there are no refunds for any reason.



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