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A Year of SHE & Mastermind Close Today (+Why I Respect Chaos)

Regardless of what the news leads you to believe, this is an incredible time to be alive.  

Chaos always precedes rebirth. For it’s when all hell breaks loose that we’re free to and create anything.

If you’re brave enough to keep your heart open in the unknown every day, you’ll be part of the world’s rebirth.

To do this, we need a strong, spiritual foundation. Without it, we’ll flail in the chaos. With it, we’ll thrive.

And to succeed in anything, it’s not just about information or knowledge. It’s about experience and making something part of who you are and how you live your life, through daily practice.

That’s how you get from where you are to where you want to be. The quantum leap simply can’t happen just by reading things online.

My wish for you is that no matter what change you want to make, you know that you can.

No matter what dream you want to achieve, you know you will.

You can never limit your future vision based on your past. The universe is always expanding, so allow yourself to evolve right along with it.

Ask yourself: What am I really about NOW?

There’s nothing more important to invest in right now than the expansion of your own consciousness.

We all want to live the truest, highest expression of ourselves. And there’s always a next level, up until your last breath.

The secret to success is this: there’s a power greater than you that rules your life. This power lives within you. It’s the most profound, intimate relationship you’ll ever have.

If you can be still long enough to connect to this source and allow the energy that is your life force–your personality–to be connected to that greater force, anything is possible. Anything.

Registration closes today for A Year of SHE & the SHE Leadership Circle 2019.  

We’re closing the doors today to get ready to start our year-long journey together on January 1, 2019.

With the dawn of the New Year, we’ll wield our inner power to create a new world, and a new womanhood.

We’ll tap into hidden dimensions of courage. And we’ll speak and live our soul’s truths in 2019.

Is this your year to live from your deepest truth?

Join A Year of SHE & SHE Leadership Circle 2019 here.

I’d be honored to share this journey with you in 2019!

“I’m feeling genuinely excited about where I am, and how it’s all coming together in my life.

It’s so worth it. If there’s anything within you that says Yes, say YES!

Julia Forberg
San Francisco, CA

“The program has allowed me to reconnect with the sacredness within.

I’ve learned that vulnerability is a strength that really does help heal those around me. I feel incredibly grateful for the women who have spoken about their experiences, it has helped me honor and reclaim lost parts of myself. I feel stronger to reach out to others who may benefit from me sharing my experiences.”

Kristie Gambrel
Ontario, Canada


“I feel safe and have no shame any longer!

I truly do love myself these days…and that is enough to keep me happy without external influences! I love you all for who you are and for this like-minded view we share by being a part of this process of the evolution of our souls.”

Briana Sullivan
Amesbury, MA

Join A Year of SHE & the SHE Leadership Circle here.

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