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7 Ways of the Warrior Woman: A Free Adventure

The warrior woman archetype has largely been erased from our awareness. We’ve forgotten how to embody our innate and noble fierceness. 

Every woman can be a warrior, but not every woman says yes to becoming one. 

Failure is your initiation into warriorship— failing with nobility, failing (and falling into the Unknown) with faith. 

Part of the feminine medicine we– and our families and communities– need most right now is our collective resuscitation of the Warrior Woman. 

She’s wise. She’s untamed. She’s courageous. She leads with her heart. And She speaks and acts with conviction, rooted in her connection with the Divine. 

She’s seeped into our lives through Wonder Woman and #metoo. Now it’s time for Her to become a part of you, too. 

Doing this requires more than just protests and Instagram memes. It demands an embodiedinner practice that uproots obstructions to Her holy intensity. 

It’s time for us to daringly inhabit the shunned energies of “bitch,” “witch,” and “nasty woman.” When we do this– with LOVE–we will be reunited with the power and vitality we’ve been seeking in all the wrong places for far too long. 

Sisters, please join me for this free, 7-day online adventure to do just this! 




  • Embrace failure as the foundation of warriorhood
  • Live from the knowing that it’s far more important for you to be true to yourself than it is to look good for others
  • Grow up and face the truth that life isn’t fair and being nice won’t protect you
  • Shed your idealized self-image and risk exposing your true self(warts and all)
  • Move beyond the good girl/bad girl dichotomy
  • Embrace the power of your will
  • Be assertive (& recognize the price you pay for staying silent)
  • Overcome your learned helplessness. You are the only one who can take care of you!
  • Practice random acts of courage
  • Learn to cope with your fear & express your anger
  • Stop being a martyr, doormat, or victim
  • Partner with the power within you that can never be taken or tainted

Even the seemingly strongest and most capable women I know can fall into the trap of learned powerlessness in some areas of their lives. I know I certainly have. This stuff runs so deep. 

Being strong doesn’t mean you can’t also be soft and sexy. We can be all of these (as Ani De Franco sings, we’re “thirty-two flavors and then some”)! 

The confidence, creativity, and worldly effectiveness you’re seeking only lives in this inner power.   

Join me to reach inside yourself and seize your sword. 


Onwards, warrior women!

This free, online adventure is a slice of what I’ll be teaching in a brand-new retreat: The Way of the Warrior Woman™. 

I’m holding this 5-day, non residential, silent women’s yoga & meditation retreat in the bucolic Ojai, California from May 3-7Space is limited and registration opens on February 25.  

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