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This Tattoo Has an Important Message for Your Soul

I visited my former hometown of Boulder, Colorado for a few days over the holidays. On my first afternoon there, I took Sadie to the dog park near my old house.

As the orange sun fell slowly behind the mountains that look soft–and jagged– like a dragon’s back, I felt the chill of the late, December air more strongly.

The kind of chill that makes you want to pull everything close, it made me slide the hood of my black, down coat over my head and stuff my hands in my pockets. Sadie, unphased by the dropping temperature, sprinted in wide circles in the distance with a new, four-legged friend.

I wondered how it would be for me, being back there. Would I miss it? Would I regret moving? Would it feel good to be back? Walking along the dirt path on the outskirts of the park, I answered myself: No, no, and no. I knew: Boulder, for me, felt like a piece of gum whose flavor I’d already chewed out.

I once heard of an acronym a woman tattooed on her arm: IDTA

I did that already. Those four letters really stuck with me. When I returned to Boulder, I realized: Every street, every shop, every restaurant was familiar. There was nothing new for me. IDTA.

Our souls love adventure. They grow through novel experiences and challenges. The older we get, the easier it is to become complacent with the status quo.

You don’t need to move to seek out adventure. Yours can come in other ways: travel, a career change, studying something new, shifting your thought patterns, a haircut.

As you look around your life, where have you already chewed all the flavor out? Where can you say IDTA? Where is your soul ready for something…. more?  

In several days, I’m creating a space for something brand-new. It’s a topic I’m excited to explore with you, one that’s been brewing in me for the past couple of years.

A free adventure, it’s a way to travel to new places within yourself and your life (without needing to go anywhere or spend anything).

I’ll share more next week!

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