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Fresh Start: A New Year’s Retreat in California

Fresh Start:

A New Year’s Retreat for Women

1440 Multiversity | Santa Cruz area, California | December 29, 2019- January 1, 2020

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The new year is a potent time to pause, vision, and create your life ahead. Yet, finding the space we need to do this can be nearly impossible. Unless, of course, we take it for ourselves! This 3-day retreat is a chance to step gracefully out of 2019, recalibrate, and plot an intentional and powerful entrance into a whole new year.

Together, we will follow the principles of The Way of the Happy Woman—meditation, periods of sacred silence, women’s yin and flow yoga, journaling, time in nature, ritual, deep rest, and a supportive sisterhood. You will:

  • Review and synthesize important lessons from the past year
  • Calm your mind and energize your body through daily practice
  • Forgive and release what you no longer need to carry forward in a safe and uplifting environment
  • Vision what you most want to create in the year ahead.

Come gather in a circle of women for an intentional and illuminating transition into the new year. Step into 2020 clear, empowered, and refreshed.

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