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Healing from Heartbreak

A gentle, guided Heroine’s Journey for any woman who’s weathering heartbreak — from a breakup, divorce, death, career or financial disaster, loss of a former self, or simply the state of the world today — who doesn’t just want to “just get over it” but emerge more self-aware, resourced, and wiser than ever before.




Reversing Our “Curse”

Yoga, Meditation & Lifestyle Rituals for Your Cycle– from Menses to Menopause.

Learn how to stop working around your cycles and start working with them.

Your feminine cycles aren’t a curse: they’re alchemical miracles, hiding in plain sight, happening right in your own body. And when you understand them, you’ll recognize the gifts they offer at every level of your being.

For every woman, in any season of life. (Whether you’re bleeding, peri-menopausal, or post-menopausal.)




Women’s Circle Start Up Kit

If you feel a deep hunger to create a vibrant women’s community that offers you, and everyone involved, a deep sense of inspiration and support ….if you already run women’s-only events and long to expand and refine your skills for greater transformative impact; then you’re ready to step more boldly into your feminine leadership prowess as a true pillar for others in your community.

Learn how to start and run your very own powerful, profitable women’s circles to change lives and create vibrant communities with this home training course. Join San Francisco-based women’s circle expert Sabrina Chaw (course leader) and Sara Avant (facilitator) to gain the skills, guidance, and structure to get started as a Women’s Circle Leader.

This Kit includes:


  • 6 Audio Training Sessions (mp3′s; 60-90 minutes each)
  • 6 Handouts
  • 6 Transcriptions of each training session (pdf’s)
  • 6 Bonus Items (women’s circle playlist, pre-circle check list, sample invitation, book list, and more)


I Love My Body Kit

I know that being a woman in the world today isn’t easy. We have to wear so many hats and, usually, we’re the ones who suffer for it. That’s why I created this course along with my friend, Sabrina Chaw. Together, we address in-depth your most potent concerns and your deepest desires. We look at how to honor, care for, and revere your feminine form in the face of overstimulation and busy-ness; we teach you how to eat to keep your body vibrant and juicy, despite your stress levels; and we’ll show you how to recognize and act on your deepest longings. We give you the tools to experience this through 4 weeks of yoga, women’s radiance techniques, meditation, nutrition, and transformational talks.



  • 4 1-hour Women’s Yoga practices: “Renewing Your Life Force,” “Essential Yoga for Modern Women,” “The Ultimate Winter Practice,” “The Big Juicification.”
  • 4 “Radiant You” practices to reclaim and LIVE your Feminine Essence: “Your Sexual Essence: Masculine or Feminine?”, “Discovering Your Unique Feminine Imprint and Home Practices to Bloom It,” “How to Stay Open When You Feel Closed,” “The 7 Essential Keys to Having the Love You Most Long For.”
  • 4 inspirational talks to lead you through the program step-by-step: “Demystifying the Feminine Form,” “The Sex Diet,” “The 3 Secrets to Having It All,” and “Magnifying Your Feminine Radiance.”
  • 4 transcripts of all of the inspirational talks to highlight, make notes, and refer back to whenever you’d like.


Half-Day SHE Retreat: Finding Your Inner Refuge

If you’ve been hiding under the covers, burned out by today’s headlines and your Facebook feed and the demands of work-life-health …

If you’ve been pounding the pavement in acts of feminine rebellion large and small … and know your body-heart-mind is in desperate need of some rejuvenating TLC …

This half-day (video) retreat with women’s yoga, meditation, and self-reflection is for you.




I Heart My Moon Cycle

28 women. 28 days. A celebration of our cycles-at any age. Start any time. Go at your own pace. Do it your way.

Over these 28 days you will hear from 28 inspiring female leaders of ALL ages, in fields from sexuality to business to relationships to yoga, speaking up about their cycles.


  • Discover how feminine cycles are the key to your personal power.
  • Embrace the blessings in your PMS, period, pregnancy & menopause.
  • Gain greater self-love by embracing the miracle & mess of your female body.


Women’s Yoga Kit

My best-selling product for the past for years, this Kit includes two complete yoga practices (women’s yin and flow) and short meditations tailored to balance, soothe, and empower your body, mind, and heart, as a woman. It includes:


  • Women’s Yin Yoga & Meditation: Relax & Rejuvenate (75 minutes; Instant Download Video & Audio MP3) De-stress and slow down during menstruation, on the new moon, when you’re sick, or simply when you’re feeling run down.
  • Women’s Flow Yoga & Meditation: Energize & Focus (77 minutes; Instant Download Video & Audio MP3) Build strength, stamina, self-esteem, and power without sacrificing your feminine softness.


Inspired & Empowered: 12 Women Making Their Mark on the World

Enjoy 12 audio interviews with female luminaries who are living their truths and making a contribution to the world. Sara spoke to Amy Ippoliti, Angela Farmer, Brigitte Mars, Chameli Ardagh, Desiree Rumbaugh, Ellen Heed, Jennifer Lee, Jennifer Louden, Kimberly Wilson, Sabrina Chaw, Sarah Powers, & Susan Piver. Topics range from money to health and spirituality to sexuality to creativity.


Women’s Meditation Kit

This Kit includes guided, audio meditations that are based on those outlined in my book, The Way of the Happy Woman. They are intended to help you start or deepen a home meditation practice.  It includes:


  • 5 Short, effective practices that are easy to fit into the everyday lives of even the busiest of women.
  • Guided meditation instructions that keep you focused, alert, and present.
  • Structure, motivation, and accountability are built right in!
  • My gentle, reassuring voice invites you deeper, while soothing self-doubt, fear, and stormy emotions.


Yoga for PMS

Are you one of the 80-90% of menstruating women who experience PMS–or even one of the 10-40% of whom report that is significantly interferes with their daily lives? If so, this is for you.

This is a complete Yoga for PMS audio class. It offers a simple, ancient, and effective yogic self-care practice to ease premenstrual symptoms like headaches, bloating, moodiness, cramps, and low back pain. This practice features classic hatha yoga poses–adapted for the feminine form–interwoven into a beautiful, soothing sequence to induce hormonal balance, emotional ease, and physical relief during your most sensitive time of the month.


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